Package 4


This is the grand-daddy of accountability. If you want to get a severe amount done in a year, this is the package for you. With my driving you from an accountability point of view, we need to aim high and kick many goals in your twelve-month period.

You will have twelve single sessions; face-to-face meetings with me, in person of between 60min to 120 minutes each. My preference for these sessions is to take place in my office located at 245 St Kilda Road, St Kilda Victoria. Australia.

At my office, we can talk freely and without distraction, removing the worry if our discussion is being overheard by your colleagues and unwanted ears at your workplace or we can Zoom or Skype. Otherwise, my travel guidelines will apply and you’ll need to arrange the meeting location. I’ll gladly travel to you but you’ll need to pick up my travel costs. It’s pretty standard and everything is doable. My travel guidelines are outlined within my ‘Rules of Engagement’.

This package is ideal for a big project that needs twelve-months to complete, probably with some key elements that you are struggling to finalise.

At this point, you have already participated in my Unboxing Session, so we both know what is to be achieved, so let’s get it done. We are off and running.

Every month for twelve-months we will meet face-to-face and I’ll be working with you closely to ensure you are achieving what’s needed to stay on track. My team will be sending you email and text messages (your preference) to remind you of your upcoming deadlines, milestones and commitments.

During this time, you are welcome to email, text or call me (email and text are quickest), so we can work through any obstacles encountered, you can seek clarity and bounce ideas off me as much as you like.

I’m here for you – right in your corner.

We will measure progress, and hook or by crook, we will achieve your goal(s).