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1. Are you working hard, but still not achieving your goals?

2. Are you feeling so overwhelmed, it’s overwhelming?

3. Do you need some direction on how to get your business to the next stage?

4. Perhaps you are high-performing and successful, and wish to juggle more balls in the air simultaneously, to be even more successful?

Accountability is a superpower
that you must harness to smash your goals, like pinatas.

I'm here for you
no matter your location

Imagine, I’m in your corner able to assist, support, encourage and to also be your sounding block for those difficult times. As a result, you’re no longer alone, so, when you need me, simply reachout.

Life is unpredictable.
Luckily I'm dependable

You can count on me and my team, we are in your corner. We’ll call you at set times every week, to check in and ensure that you’re moving forward with clarity, ready to meet those deadlines and commitments.


- Free and without obligation -

This Zoom session is FREE and takes between 45-60 minutes, or we can talk on the phone – I’ll call you.

In preparation you will need your ‘to-do list’ or your ‘business wish list’. If you don’t have either, no stress we’ll create one as part of our session. You need to be a willing participant; open and honest as we discuss your plans  and challenge your thinking.

You’ll get four important outcomes from my Unboxing Session:

  1. 45-60 min discussion about your business and your goals.
  2. Examine your priorities, and look at what needs to be done.
  3. Review your ‘to-do list’ and discuss implementation & execution.
  4. Together, we will create a plan and set timelines.

You have so much to gain and nothing to lose! There is NO downside for you whatsoever.

If you do nothing, it’s exactly the same as sticking your head in the sand and hoping it goes away. All this stacks up to procrastination and HOPE that it your situation will improve automatically. In fact, doing nothing just makes it worse.

You must take action now, otherwise tomorrow’s result, will be exactly the same as today’s. Implementation and execution are key and I’ll ensure you follow the plan and you meet your deadlines. After all, that is what true accountability is all about. Together, we can achieve your goals; you’ll meet your commitments and promises that you’ve made to others and most importantly, to yourself. You can’t do it alone.

Maintaining your current status quo, only means that you’ll miss important opportunities to make money. You’ll let people down, especially those that are important people to you and that just pisses people off.

Start your session today!

So, let’s get into this, there’s a lot to do and there’s no better time to take action than RIGHT NOW.

The way I operate is outlined within my Rules of Engagement (Service Agreement). Have a read.

"The Best Accountability
Coach in the Game!"

-Andrew Griffiths, Best Selling Author & Speaker

Andrew Griffiths | Accountability Coach

Here's what my clients say...

Payment Terms

All sessions, programs and forum fees are to be paid in full within seven (7) days from receipt of Tax Invoice and are subject to your acceptance and signing of our standard ‘Rules of Engagement’ (Service Agreement) prior to session commencement.

If travel is required, all payments for our session/program or services, together with any travel reimbursement, is to be paid in full by you, before our team member departs Melbourne for your session.

How To Pay

We accept the following four (4) easy payment methods.

1. Credit Card
Amex, Visa or MasterCard are accepted over the phone.

2. Direct Debit
We offer PayAdvantage; a safe, simple and automatic recurring monthly direct-debit from your selected credit card or bank account for the duration of your package sessions. PayAdvantage charges a small surcharge for this service.

3. Bank Transfer
Pay the program fee upfront and in full when you get my Tax Invoice, to receive a nifty 10% early payment discount.

My banking details are:

National Australia Bank (NAB)
International Swift Code: NATAAU33
BSB: 083-231
Account No: 53-588-1668
Payment ref: insert your invoice number or surname

4. Website
Please click ‘Pay your bill’ below and follow the instructions for using our Stripe secure payment gateway for either a credit card payment or PayPal.


Rules of Engagement
(Service Agreement)

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