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– Accountability – Seems everyone’s confused, so no one does anything (and our country burns)

Having worked with plenty of entrepreneurial businesses owners, executives and teams, there’s one topic that is always difficult to discuss, that being the A-word’ accountability’. Not from me, that’s what I do, I’m ‘The Accountability Guy’.
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Anxiety is common amongst entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is not smooth sailing. All founders agree on that. But how do you cope? The essential step in overcoming entrepreneurial stress is to accept that anxiety is normal.
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Christmas Cheer

As we reflect upon the success of Tick Those Boxes in 2019, we absolutely could not have done it without YOU.
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8 habits of highly accountable people

Many struggle with the definition of accountability versus responsibility. The difference is simple. Many people can be responsible for helping out on a task or initiative. But accountability belongs only to one person who will be judged on the completion of the project.
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Locating a fantastic Accountability Partner

Do you meet the obligations, promises, goals and commitments made to yourself and others? The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study in 2010 on accountability, and found out that the probability of completing a goal is:
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Simple ways to reduce workplace stress

Based on research, the percentage of Australians who are stressed at work is high, and it’s only getting higher, which is truly a worrying sign. So let’s look at the obstacles before we look at how to get good at the skills. These are the most common obstacles to Getting Stuff Done (with some recommended fixes)
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