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‘There’s gold in them hills’ – these videos are genuine ‘gold’ for thought, and for your search to become a truly accountable business owner and human being.

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Video Playlist: 23 ways to improve your chances to Getting Stuff Done

I’ve developed these videos to provide you with an immediate boost to your energy levels, and to help you Get Sh!t Done! They are especially important for those times when you’re feeling ‘under the pump’ as deadlines loom on the horizon.

Six easy steps to 'Tick Those Boxes'

  1. Create your daily To-Do List
  2. List your goals, promises, to-dos, and commitments made to others and yourself.
  3. Ask yourself what is the best use of my time right now?
  4. Set your order of priorities (Rated 1-10) with 1 being the most urgent, and 10 least important.
  5. Try my 5 D’s (Do, Delay, Delegate, Delete, or contact Darren!)
  6. Remember to Tick Those Boxes once you’ve Got Sh!t Done! and then move on to the next item with a big smile on your face.