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Watch my latest videos with weekly tips on accountability, business tips and more...
There’s gold in them hills - It's healthy for your mind, easy on the eyes and suitable for your ears.

Accountability Videos, My weekly tips

Enjoy over 30 short videos designed to give you a boost in your energy levels to help you Get Sh!t Done! when you’re feeling under the pump as that deadline looms.

Six steps to Tick Those Boxes

  1. Create your daily To-Do List
  2. List your goals, promises, To-Do’s and commitments made to others and to yourself.
  3. Ask yourself what is the best use of my time, right now?
  4. Set your own priority order (rate 1-10) with 1 most urgent and 10 the least urgent.
  5. Try my five x D’s (Do, Delay, Delegate, Delete or contact Darren)
  6. Remember, to Tick Those Boxes once you’ve Got Sh!t Done! and then move on to the next item, with a big smile.

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