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Top 7 Reasons - Why People Don't Get Stuff Done cover

Top 7 Reasons - Why People Don't Get Stuff Done

Here’s my official list of the “Top 7 reasons” based on my time at Apple and my own successful entrepreneurial lifestyle enterprises… You will not be held back when you use my suggested strategies for overcoming obstacles.

Traffic Light Priority Matrix

My “Traffic Light Priority Matrix” can help you manage and track your “To-Do”s or “Task Lists.” With my simple matrix, you can make informed decisions about how important the work is and who should do it. Let us categorise them as green, amber, and red. Download my A4.pdf worksheet.

Super To-Do List cover

Super To-Do List

This is a ripper, one of my most popular and simple tools for keeping focused. With ‘Accountability’ in mind, I made this incredibly useful A4 page. Get my ‘Super To-Do List’ immediately. It not only allows you to Get Stuff Done, but it also helps you build positive habits. Share this with your coworkers and teammates.

Ideas Bank cover

Ideas Bank

My ‘Ideas Bank’ is the perfect booklet to write your important ‘business ideas and thoughts’. When you’re ready and the time is right, you’ll be ready to implement and execute. Perfect for entrepreneurs who have a lot of ideas and want to keep them until they are ready!

Group Accountability Protocols

Group Accountability Protocols

My ‘Protocols’ are commercially sensible for all previous and present members of the group accountability and Mastermind. These protocols will ensure that members get along with each other. They plan to attend each session and provide open and honest comments. Most importantly, they are polite to each other.

Darren's Speakers Kit

Speakers Kit

To me, being a world-class coach is being able to express my ideas, share my experiences, and tell my narrative with perfect authority and enthusiasm. The idea is to inspire rather than motivate. Download my ‘Speakers Kit’ if you know anyone seeking for a terrific conference, workshop, or retreat speaker.

- wall poster -

Download my free “I GET SH!T DONE” poster in A3 size to hang on your wall. What a wonderful gift. This is an A3 print-ready .pdf file. Print, frame, and proudly display so that everyone can see you’re an action-taker and darn proud of it.

Business Health Check PDF #Covid19

Your Business Health Check for #COVID19

Is your company in good health during COVID-19? I’ve compiled a list of the 12 most important activities to help guide your company through the pandemic.

To-Do List

The tried-and-true To-Do List remains relevant in today’s hectic lives. Download it today and make yourself accountable.

Free SEO Tips

SEO Tips and Recommendations

SEO recommendations to improve your website’s Google rating. These are basic concepts that have helped me outperform my competitors with my website, which performs exceptionally effectively for me. Should not you do it too?

Content Curation Plan A4

Content Curation Plan

Content is supreme. So, why are you unsure what information to send and when? My 12-month Content Curation Plan is great for deciding what and when to publish.

Business Check List


Here is an A4 business checklist to guide you in deciding when to say ‘NO’ and how to match your behaviour with your values and objectives. The fields are editable, so you can customise them for your business.

Personal checklist for saying NO


This is a personal checklist to guide you in deciding when to say ‘NO’ and how to match your behaviour with your values and objectives.  The fields are editable, so you can customise them to suit your life.