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Darren Finkelstein, known widely as The Accountability Guy®, is a beacon of transformation and inspiration in the realms of accountability, leadership, and personal development. Darren’s story is about resilience, reinvention, and how he’s channelled accountability into his superpower.

With an illustrious career that spans continents and industries, Darren stands as a formidable international accountability coach, advisor, mentor, and captivating author/speaker whose narratives and methodologies have empowered high-performing individuals and teams from Australia/New Zealand to the far reaches of Latin America, Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom, and the United States through his coaching programs.

The foundation of Darren’s methodology and teachings is based on his bestselling book, “The Accountability Advantage – Play your best game,” and his new book currently in production, scheduled for a late 2024 release, “NO – Building a life of choice without obligation.”

The heart of Darren’s international focus is to Get Clarity and know what to do first. Get Started, know what to do next, and Get Sh*t Done knowing what to do more of. Darren works with high-performing individuals and teams to help them realise their wildest dreams and smash their goals like glass pinatas!

Before etching his name in the annals of coaching and mentorship, Darren was an integral part of the Apple legacy during the transformative Steve Jobs era. As the Manager of Commercial Markets for Apple Australia.

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