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The Accountability Guy

About ‘The Accountability Guy’

While my name is Darren Finkelstein, I’ve been called ‘The Accountability Guy’ for a while now. I like being known for something that can make a difference in your business and your personal life.

I’m an Accountability Coach, Advisor, Mentor and Presenter. I’ve been well-credentialed throughout my own journey as a manager, business owner and speaker. My journey has been filled with high achievement and great success. I have solid skills that prove I have – walked the talk.

Being an Advisor & Mentor

As a business advisor and mentor, I deliver real results and help businesses, professionals and professional teams. These are the people I enjoy working with, people who need to focus on accountability, sticking to goals, business planning, and business strategy. I’ve got a huge playbook, and are delighted to share this with you and your teams.


My past experience includes working at Apple for 10-years as ‘Manager of Commercial Markets’ during the inspirational Steve Jobs era. Then, building a successful entrepreneurial business for 15-years in the lifestyle industry until we successfully sold and exited. I’m the author of three bestselling and award-winning books and work as a summertime presenter in Melbourne on radio 3AW. I talk about lifestyle, the outdoors and living life to the fullest in my Beach N’ Bay reports on the weekends.

I have a full playbook of tips and advice, that will allow me to help you and or your business. Let’s achieve your goals and plans together, contact me today!

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