Download my audio podcasts here to begin working on improving your business’s accountability. It’s music to your ears, right? But it’s not music – get it?

Listen to my podcasts listed above, and you can hear interviews with leaders, entrepreneurs, and ambitious individuals. You can also listen to business leaders interview me as their special guest.

We discuss the importance of accountability in business, and life, and hear real-life business stories straight from those who experienced them. 

As entrepreneurs, it’s often our aim to build high-performance, high-octane businesses. Unfortunately, this often entails subsequent conflict with our inherent desire for freedom – a lifestyle in line with the idea of the ‘simple life’. In the end, we often feel torn between commitments to family and business. 

My podcast explores how we can master this dichotomy as entrepreneurs, business owners, parents, partners, and friends, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life and genuine happiness.

On the other side of the table, roles are reversed when I’m a guest on another person’s podcast. Here you can listen to the host, and I speak one-on-one about business and entrepreneurship, including insights into my own highs and lows (Yes, I too have had plenty of challenges on life’s journey).

Naturally, the discussion always turns to Getting Sh!t Done, which is my major focus, as well as why The Accountability Guy® was born into this new chapter of my business life.