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it's better for your business than radio. Music for your ears, but it’s not music – get it?

Listen to my podcasts above where I interview leaders, entrepreneurs and ambitious people. We talk about the importance of accountability in their business, life, their business experiences and stories. The purpose of my podcast is to bring awareness and shared experiences to my listeners.

As entrepreneurs, it’s often our desire to build a high performance, high octane business, which is often contrasted against our desire for freedom. A lifestyle that comes with the ‘simple life’. Maybe it’s feeling torn between commitments to family or a commitment to the business. BIG is not always better, there are times when it is no longer fun, so are we are right to question the long-term merit of what it is that we are doing, why we are doing it and all in the pursuit for whatever it is, that we seek as individuals.

Either way, my podcast explores how we can better master these dichotomies as entrepreneurs, business owners, parents, partners and friends, so we can lead a more fulfilling life and find genuine happiness.

Similarly, the tables have turned 180, as I’ve been the guest in someone else’s podcast, where the host and I talk one-on-one about business, entrepreneurship, my highs and my real lows (yes, I’ve had plenty of those along my journey. Naturally, we talk about Getting Sh!t Done which is my focus and why The Accountability Guy® was born in this new chapter of my business life.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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