Strong partnerships are the backbone of any great business

The backbone of any great business is solid partnerships.

I’m a big believer in the importance of building strong and long partnerships.
The following people and organisations are leaders in their niche (some of those niches are pretty darn big). Partnering with such extraordinary individuals and companies keeps me striving to be the best I can be at what I do.

Andrew Griffiths - Entrepreneurial Futurist, Educator & Mentor

From humble beginnings growing up as an orphan, to global entrepreneur, keynote presenter and international bestselling author, Andrew Griffiths is a powerful inspiration to business owners and entrepreneurs around the world. His passion is future proofing and he brings his own unique and entertaining style to this very big and very relevant topic. Andrew Griffiths is best described as an entrepreneurial futurist – in other words he specialises in future proofing businesses across virtually every industry and in every corner of the planet.

With 13 bestselling books sold in 65 countries, and a client base that includes organisations such as the European Union, CBS, Hewlett Packard, Hertz, Telstra and Newscorp, to mention just a few of the 500 organisations he has worked with, he is clearly sought after to provide advice and wisdom for the smallest of businesses to the largest of organisations.

Andrew is able to share his observations, experiences and research from around to world to identify the exact steps any organisation needs to take to become future proof. And he delivers his advice in a down to earth, simple and often hilarious way. Andrew has been a entrepreneurial commentator for many years, sharing both his observations and his realisations with audiences including INC.com out of New York, American based media giant CBS, Newscorp and many others.

As a keynote presenter, Andrew’s authenticity is one of his greatest assets. He has the rare ability to hold a mirror up to people and show them the metaphoric parsley stuck in their teeth, with unapologetic honesty and a quick wit. Andrew imparts wisdom generously, but with clear expectations – he doesn’t just want to leave a warm and fuzzy lasting impression on his audience, he wants to have a lasting impact on the way they choose to live, work and do business as a result of the information he shares and stories he tells.

Visit Andrew’s website – www.andrewgriffiths.com.au

Why Andrew?

I’ve worked with Andrew for many years (he first mentored me in 2012) when I begun my own entrepreneurial journey helping me to write my three books. Now I’ve become a member of his finely-tuned crew to deliver his famous workshops, events and retreats.

In addition to being his Accountability Coach for his clients (to ensure they too implement and execute in a timely fashion), I’m a presenter at this events and are Andrew’s sales mastermind (I prefer guru) and take all of his sales enquiries and session bookings.

Michael Hanrahan @ Publish Central

Publish Central TM was created by Michael Hanrahan to provide high-quality self-publishing services and resources to authors, and to build a community of authors and industry experts who can share their skills, knowledge and experience.

The aim is to create a self-publishing hub that offers a combination of free and paid resources and services for self-publishers, and to give authors access to experts who are the best in their fields. Andrew Griffiths is Australia’s bestselling entrepreneurial author, with millions of copies of his books sold in over 60 countries. Everybody on the team is highly qualified and skilled in their area, and all of our editors and designers have many years of experience in-house with at least one major publisher.

If you’re planning on managing your publishing yourself, you can take advantage of our mentoring service to receive expert guidance throughout the process. Talk directly to Michael at the start of your project to carefully plan your book, and then Michael will be available to answer your questions and provide advice throughout the production of your book and after it is published. This package is for you if you know you want guidance throughout the whole process. Contact us to find out more, or to book in.

Visit Publish Central – www.publishcentral.com.au

Why Publish Central?

I work closely with the Michael and Anna at Publish Central to assist new authors and experienced authors to complete their manuscript with my unique Author Accountability Packages.

This unique offer is for authors who have engaged Publishing Central or Andrew Griffiths to complete their author journey.

I am an author of three bestselling award-winning books myself, and worked closely with both Michael Hanrahan and Andrew Griffiths over a number of years, so I know how hard it is to complete the manuscript and submit on time.

Tim (Timbo) Reid - Australia's #1 podcast & Marketing Guru

Tim (Timbo) is the founder and host of Australia and New Zealand’s number one business and marketing podcast – The Small Business Big Marketing Show, which can also be found on all Virgin Australia domestic and international flights.

Having launched this hit program seven years ago and with well over 300 episodes under his belt, it regularly ranks on iTunes above the Australian Stock Exchange, Alan Jones, Tim Ferris and even outranks Harvard Business School as the number one business marketing podcast.

Tim has built a global audience of motivated business owners in 110 countries, and he’s also the author of ‘The Boomerang Effect‘, a popular marketing text. Prior to this, Tim was the marketing manager for Flight Centre and spent ten years working in Australia’s largest advertising agency looking after the advertising needs of Gillette, AXA, Yellow Pages and Dulux.

Tim was also instrumental in helping AFL legend Jim Stynes raise one million dollars for his youth charity, Reach.

Now he’s travel the world (having spoken at 63 conferences in eight countries in the past 12-months) showing business owners and marketers how to embrace modern marketing methods – gaining success and increasing profits, without spending a fortune.

The bottomline? There’s never been a better time to market anything. Ever!

Visit Tim’s website – https://smallbusinessbigmarketing.com/

Why Tim?

Timbo and I have been great mates for over years 25-years; boy how time flies and I reckon we’ve aged gracefully, or at least I have…

Timbo was a client of mine at Apple when he was looking after the solo-sailer Jesse Martin and his project for Reach.

Timbo and I have worked closely together on many business projects and I can proudly say I’m the only person who has been interviewed by Timbo for his #1 podcast on four occasions (yes 4) a feat that no other no other guest has experienced.

Timbo is a ripping guy, a wonderful friend who just so happens to be an absolute  marketing wizard. Timbo is  brilliantly creative, and I love how he simplifies things and provides we with instant clarity. Love you mate!

Dent Global - Key Person Of Influence

Dent develops entrepreneurs who stand out, scale up and make a positive impact in the world.

Dent Global are leaders in strategy and technology for entrepreneurial businesses. Since 2010 they have expanded into the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia and worked over 3000+ ambitious entrepreneurs and their teams. Our values are to Be brave, Have fun and Make a Dent.

Operating across the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia, Dent have been dubbed by Huffington Post as “The World’s Leading Personal Brand Accelerator”. They have worked with tens of thousands of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs globally to help them achieve business growth and ultimately become Key People of Influence in their industries. Their members include best-selling authors, award-winning companies, Guinness World Record holders, stand-out small businesses, TED speakers and more.

Dent offers the following services dedicated to accelerating the rising stars of business:

  • Accelerators | Dent Accelerators have been designed to provide business owners and leaders a high-performance environment that incorporates the effective combination of best practices, peer groups of like-minded entrepreneurs, accountability and exclusive resources.
  • Onsite Speaking & Training | Whether it’s for your own growing organisation or for a more expansive community of entrepreneurs, we can arrange for one of our speakers or trainers to host and conduct a workshop or seminar that covers the topic that would best address your audience’s needs.
  • Bespoke Training & Consulting Packages | To cater to the unique needs of your business, Dent can offer a tailor-made package that can include enrolment into one of our accelerators for key members of your team, access to our online resources and/or regular training sessions with one of our mentors.

Visit the Dent Global website – www.dent.global

Why Dent?

I graduated from the Dent Global ‘Key Person of Influence’ entrepreneurial accelerator program in 2012 and was the first back-to-back winner of their ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award for Australia.

I am a Dent Alumni having graduated from MG2 in 2012.

For many years I still continue to be used as a case study to demonstrate the implementation and execution their wonderful 5 x P’s which I used to grow our boat sales and service business into national significance. In the process: “The Boat Guy” and “It’s not about the boat”, became my catch cry, taking our small business on a wonderful voyage enabling us to scale great heights.

Robert Nankervis - Scaling Up

Businesses seeking to drive growth, increase profitability and enhance their valuation have a powerful partner – Rob Nankervis. A highly successful, highly driven businessman, Rob thrives on demystifying organisational change and strategic planning.

A business consultant, advisor and executive coach with over 30 years’ experience, Rob has in-depth expertise across a range of sectors, organisation sizes, ownership structures, and lifecycle stages. Strategic planning, organisational review and managing change are Rob’s speciality. He coaches Founder/Owners, CEOs, and senior executives, supporting them through business performance challenges, growth periods and company transformations.

Drawing on his extensive experience, Rob facilitates strategic growth programs, runs 1:1 executive coaching sessions, leads public Scaling Workshops and Masterclasses, and is sought as a speaker and media commentator.

His career has encompassed high-level leadership roles and a broad spectrum of consulting assignments. Prior to launching his own practice in 2013 he was a Director of Performance Improvement within Ernst & Young and, earlier, Client Partner and part-owner at boutique leadership advisory firm Oppeus International. Most recently he has been invited onto the Gazelles Global Advisory Board to represent Oceania.

Visit Roberts website – www.robertnankervis.com

Why Robert?

My connection with Robert Nankervis is strong. I work very closely with Robert to provide direct ‘Accountability Coaching’ to his clients with measurable, targeted outcomes and quantifiable results.

We are all about implementation and execution which is key.