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How accountable are you?

3 Ways To Develop Self-Accountability And Achieve More

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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As you progress in life, staying focused and on track to achieve your goals gets tougher. It is even harder to reach out for help to hold you accountable for your progress. So, if you feel like you have plateaued in your career, personal life, or overall, this blog is for you.

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Why do You Need Self-Accountability?

When you start your career, you are filled with enthusiasm. There is a spark within to work consistently towards achieving your goals. So much so that you seek help, ask questions, and do not shy away from learning more. Gradually, you find yourself climbing the ladder of success. However, when you are high up on that ladder, it can get scary and lead to self-doubt.

More success often means low accountability. That, however, does not imply poor responsibility. It only means that the goals start to become subjective. With time, your calendar is full of things you have to do versus what you should be doing. You end up finding yourself in places with hardly any value. There is a struggle to find time for actually meaningful things.

A long list of things to do coupled with decreased accountability adds to the fear of being incompetent. This makes you feel like you have plateaued in life. It is important to work on individual skills consistently to grow. As the quote said, ‘if you are not growing, you are dying’. You need increased accountability to get out of the endless loop of striving for success.

Everybody makes excuses for delays. But everybody fails to realize that this is a way of avoiding self-accountability.It is easy to stay in your comfort zone, but you can only grow as an individual when you venture out of it. For that, you need to hold yourself accountable and work towards success.

3 Ways to Develop Self-Accountability

Self-accountability, as you now know, is essential to succeed in your career, relationships, and life at large. Yet, most people struggle to hold themselves accountable. Here are 3 ways to develop self-accountability.

Use Productivity Tools - Priority Lists and Weekly Lists

Do you ever feel like you have a lot to do but never actually get around to doing it? Or do you feel like you keep forgetting important tasks?

This is where weekly and priority lists come in handy. It will help you make a master list that contains all the key areas you need to focus on throughout the week to ensure success.

Start by identifying your priorities and adding them to your calendar. At the end of every week, review your progress and reflect on your achievements. Doing this will let you keep track of your achievements, improve your approach based on the review, and plan better.

Reward Yourself

Positive reinforcement is another effective way to develop self-accountability. It is a system wherein desirable actions are rewarded.

When you set your goals, you must also set milestones and rewards. On achieving the milestone, you get a reward.For instance, your goal is to start working out every day. If you do so for a month, you will give yourself a new book.

The rewards should be something that holds meaning for you. It should not be fodder for your poor habits. In this example, a cupcake would be a bad idea as a reward after working out.

If you can implement a reward system correctly, it can considerably improve your self-accountability.

Focus on Skills

Positive motivation is a crucial factor in self-accountability. It can give you the push you need to work towards your goals.

To that end, do not waste time eliminating your weaknesses. Instead, work on your strengths as they should be your key motivating factors in life. So, identify your weaknesses and strengths and plan your goals surrounding them.

Wrapping Up

If nothing else works, the best solution is to get an accountability coach from TickThoseBoxes.

You need to start by holding yourself accountable to achieve great things in life. Following these tips will lead you down the path of success. A lack of willpower is common, but that does not imply that you cannot turn things around.

Fear is the underlying cause of plateaus in life. To get over them, ask for help as you develop self-accountability.