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5 Reasons Why Accountability Is Important For Success

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Accountability is ensuring you meet your commitments in a responsible and timely manner. It enables you to establish clear goals and prioritize your actions to achieve those goals. It holds you accountable for your results irrespective of whether you fail or succeed. Additionally, Accountability is the key to success.

Accountability ensures transparency excellent communication and builds trust in your organization. Plus, it drives people to perform with excellence and dedication. Moreover, it gives people the tools and resources required to achieve their goals successfully. So, it’s no wonder that accountability is essential for success.

If you are still unconvinced about accountability’s role in success, read this blog. It will tell 5 reasons why accountability is vital for success.

What is Accountability and How to Achieve it?

Accountability means taking ownership for your action despite failure. It is owning up to your mistakes and rights. Moreover, it is about making commitments and delivering them without any under-delivery. It is also about setting SMART goals, creating plans to achieve them, and prioritizing actions to achieve those goals.

Accountability helps in setting clear expectations. You can achieve it by communicating effectively and with clarity. You also achieve accountability by owning up to your mistakes. Achieving accountability also involves doing, delegating, delaying, and deleting tasks based on their urgency and importance.

Another way to achieve accountability is to share your dreams and aspirations with an accountability coach, partner, and your friends and family. This makes you more committed to achieving those goals and objectives.

Top 5 Reasons Why Accountability Is the Key To Success

Now you know what accountability is and how to achieve it. You might be wondering why accountability is so crucial for success. Here are the top five reasons why accountability is essential to success:

Helps You Foster Valuable Relationships

Accountability helps you build valuable relationships. It enables you to foster trustworthiness and ensures both parties remain fulfilled always. When you pursue your goal and display accountability, your team, friends, and family are motivated to do the same. You can help each other move forward and achieve your dreams and aspiration.

Accountability enables you to create valuable relationships because of transparency and acceptance of clearly set expectations. Plus, you serve and engage each other in a substantiative manner when you have a relationship steeped in accountability.

Enables You To Get Counsel

When you foster accountability in your life and organization, it becomes easier for you to get counsel. You have more explicit goals and expectations in mind that you can communicate to an accountability coach or your mentor. They will be able to guide you better in achieving your dreams and aspirations when you hold yourself accountable.

Further, when you are accountable, people around you are more confident about telling you to take risks and fine-tune your plans. They are more willing to help you work through your pitfalls and help you succeed when you are accountable.

Your accountability ensures you don’t play the blame game, so automatically, people are willing to counsel you and enable you to gain different perspectives. 

Builds Your Reputation

Accountability helps you build your reputation positively. It enables you to make a reputation as someone who accomplishes their goals and fulfills all obligations. You also become known as someone who admits your mistakes and learns from them.

Being accountable makes you appear mature and wise. Plus, you can build credibility and trustworthiness for yourself as you deliver on your commitments and take ownership of your actions.

Accountability makes you want to live by integrity and eliminate hypocrisy.

You Demonstrate Progress

When you display accountability, you demonstrate progress. Accountability is a sign of you creating a pathway to achieve your aspirations. You have weekly, monthly, and annual reviews regarding your actions and goals when you are accountable. It enables you to track your progress.

Further, you’ll know where you stand when you are accountable. You’ll be more prepared and have the tools to push through obstacles and choose the challenging path to achieve your aspirations.

You Build A Life Of Purpose

Accountability helps you build a life of purpose. You become habituated to working towards a purposeful goal that makes sense and drives you. Accountability helps you demonstrate your clear purpose, and it showcases that you are doing what you said you’d do by sharing your purpose with your support system or mentor.

When you are accountable, you display your commitment to your goals and aspiration. It enables you to focus and fulfill specific tasks.


Accountability is taking ownership for your actions, irrespective of whether it will lead you to your doom or praise. You achieve it by demonstrating transparency, setting clear expectations, prioritizing, and creating an atmosphere of accountability in your organization.

Accountability is the key to organizational success because it helps you live by a purpose, demonstrate progress, build your reputation, receive counsel, and foster valuable relationships. Accountability ensures you have transparency and a trustworthy organization.

So, you need to understand the reasons why accountability is vital for success and start creating an accountable environment in your organization. Suppose you face problems in fostering accountability in your organization. Hire TickThoseBoxes. They have the best accountability coaches and partners to help you achieve 100% accountability in your company.