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Accountability In The Organization And How To Develop Positive And Confident Decisions?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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Accountability is taking ownership of your actions and doing what you say you will do and getting your team to do it too. It’s what helps fuel your business. Plus, it ensures a successful organization. However, you need to commit to your goals seriously and decide that you will do it.

To establish accountability and achieve goals in an organization, you need to consciously trust your gut, head, and heart that you will do it. Achieving accountability and organizational goals requires commitment, and it directs people to take responsibility for implementation too.

So, you need to practice confident decision-making skills to ensure you get the outcome you want. Your leadership needs to be 100% committed to ensure you can act and fix problems to achieve your goals.

How to make confident decisions might be perplexing you, isn’t it? Fret not; this blog will tell you how to do it seamlessly.

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Making Confident And Positive Decisions

Confident and positive decision-making skill is crucial in the organization. It requires you to remove stress and anxiety associated with decision-making processes. You must make decisions by holding yourself accountable and ensuring they don’t make you too anxious.

Here are some steps to making confident decisions:

  • Clarify the decision
  • Gather data and supporting information to reaffirm your decision
  • Consider various options
  • Review and balance evidence
  • Listen and analyze alternative routes
  • Act and then review your decisions to ensure their efficacy

Making confident decisions becomes easier when you use positivity.

Explore the tips on developing positive decisions here:

Don’t Assume

Ensure you don’t assume anything when deciding plans to achieve goals. You must research, have the facts, seek clarity, and understand the issues to ensure you make informed decisions. Assumptions won’t help you make positive decisions. You might grossly misinterpret facts when you assume.

Don’t Judge others

It’s important not to judge anyone. Your biases may not be the whole story, so use a newer and fresh perspective to ensure you avoid biases when making decisions.

Seek Alternative Ways

While deciding, it’s necessary to seek alternatives. You might not be able to stick to a single decision, so you’ll need to use your creativity and ensure effective alternatives. Weighing the pros and cons of each of your decisions is essential.

Remain Objective

The decision-making process must be objective and fact-based. Gain clarity and analyze all the factors that your decisions will influence. You might also want to prepare for the consequences of your decisions.


It is important not to get attached to a particular decision. You must be aware of all the possibilities. However, ensure you don’t cling to a single decision. Confident and positive decision-making requires focus and should avoid compulsive decisions.

Trust Your Intuition

While facts and figures are important for the decision-making process, it is also important to trust your intuition and gut feelings. Your body often signals whether you’re on the right path or not. Following it will help you make better decisions.

Take Responsibility

Irrespective of the decision you make, whether it fires back or succeeds, you must take responsibility for your decisions.

Review Your Decisions

After acting on the decision and seeing some results, you must review your decisions. This will help you understand whether your decision enables you to achieve your goals or whether it worked well. You’ll want to evaluate your decisions and ensure their efficacy.

What Happens When You Make Decisions?

When you decide to act and plan to achieve a goal, you are 25% close to achieving the goal, Plus, you become more innovative, think, increase your focus, and balance risks and benefits to ensure you achieve your goals.

When you make decisions, you broaden your horizons to think of multiple possibilities and ensure you choose one that puts you a step closer to achieving your goals. You merely need to trust your head, heart, and your decision.

Making decisions strengthens your leadership and motivates your organization to strive towards a common goal. So, keep making confident and positive decisions.

Wrapping Up

Making confident and positive decisions helps establish a stronghold in your organization. This will ensure your entire business place is committed to a common goal and will work towards it. When you decide to act on your goals, you are 25% close to achieving your goals.

If you’re ever stuck on making decisions and don’t know how to proceed further, consider hiring an accountability coach from TickThoseBoxes. They will guide you on setting goals and ensure you are committed to achieving them.