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AccountabilityStarts With You: Tips To Set Clear Expectations

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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Do you ever feel like you’re working so hard but reaching nowhere? Or maybe you just want your business to reach the next level. All of these situations you find yourself in can be fixed by promoting accountability. Accountability is crucial in any stage of life. 

Even in your personal or professional life, being able to take responsibility for your actions is what makes you successful. It could be for yourself or even your team of amazing employees who can take your business to new heights together.

However, you cannot foster accountability with no expectations. Setting clear expectations is the first step of accountability. When there are clear expectations, everyone involved understands what their roles are. This then ensures that there is a shared understanding of the goals and objectives of your business. 

This blog will discuss why setting clear expectations is important to promote accountability. Furthermore, we will also offer some eye-opening tips on defining these expectations. By this blog’s end, you will surely have some handy tips that will enable you and your team to become more accountable to ace your goals. Let’s dive in, shall we? 

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Importance of Setting Clear Expectations

Having clear expectations in your business is something you should never avoid. When a business has defined its expectations, every individual working there clearly knows the actions they need to take to achieve a goal. Setting clear expectations also helps your team understand how they would be evaluated, thus promoting accountability. 

Unclear expectations can lead to a lack of collaboration in a business. This would further lead to miscommunication and loss of resources. And this situation is not something you’d want as a budding entrepreneur. 

But we understand it isn’t easy to promote accountability in your personal and professional life. Hence, we have listed a few tips for you to set clear expectations for yourself and your team:

Define your expectations

The first step in fostering accountability in yourself and your team is to define your expectations. This means you must clearly state what you expect from your team. By doing so, you can count on your team members to work towards achieving your company goals.

Here are a few ways you can define expectations:

  1. Specify your expectations
  2. Ensure the expectations are measurable  
  3. Make sure your expectations are achievable 

By defining specific, measurable, and achievable expectations, you ensure that your team is on the same page as you. Making your expectations specific gets you a clear idea about what has to be done and how it should be done. Furthermore, measurable expectations allow your team to track their progress. Finally, by setting achievable expectations, you can prevent demotivation in yourself and among your employees. 

Lead by example

As an entrepreneur building an empire, you must know how important it is to guide your employees. This also includes guiding them to ensure their behaviour aligns with your company goals. One way to set clear expectations for your employees is by modelling the behaviour you expect from them.

A few ways you can lead your team to accountability are:

  1. By being reliable to your employees
  2. By being transparent about your actions
  3. By addressing the concerns of your employees

When you model accountability in your organization, you create a culture of shared responsibilities among your team. This can further lead to improved communication and build trust. 

Fostering Accountability in Your Team

Promoting employee accountability is crucial for creating a culture of responsibility and ownership. Listed below are a few ways you can promote accountability among your team:

1. Provide feedback

Providing regular feedback to your team members can lead to accountability. Since your employees receive feedback regularly, they understand what areas they need to improve. This further allows them to acknowledge their work and instils accountability in them.  

2. Communicate clear expectations

This involves communicating your goals and expectations very clearly and regularly. Doing so ensures your employees are completely aware of what they are expected to do. Furthermore, Communicating your expectations allows your team members to take responsibility for their actions. 

3. Provide support

Support makes your employees feel involved in achieving the company’s goals. This includes training and mentoring your employees to gain the skills needed to succeed, resulting in empowered and motivated individuals.

4. Set deadlines

Deadlines help you constantly stay on track. By setting deadlines for your work, you can focus on the top-priority task at hand. Deadlines also create uniformity in an organization. This means each individual has to take responsibility for their actions which further holds them accountable for meeting their expectations.


In conclusion, fostering accountability starts with you. By defining clear expectations and communicating them regularly, you will be able to acknowledge your actions. Furthermore, leading by example can help promote accountability among your team members or employees. 

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