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Women in Rotary, International Women’s Day Breakfast

International Women’s Day Breakfast Women in Rotary is celebrating the 9th International Women’s Day Breakfast To date, more than 10,000 people, women as well as men, have attended the event
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Cultivate deep work – 18 things to make you more efficient

Some tasks are just hard. There’s no substitute for deep work. Everybody has a few daily To-Do’s that could be almost be knocked out while sleeping. These are the tasks that you need podcasts to get through—if anything, they’re hard to get yourself to do because they’re not especially interesting.
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Focus on most important tasks first – 18 things to make you more efficient

Productivity tip – Focus on most important tasks You probably didn’t go to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology better known as MIT - but an MIT can help you be more productive.
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Intro – 18 things to make you more efficient

We’ve all known that person who always seems to Get Sh!t Done. Whether a friend or a colleague, this is the person whose work is always done early. The one who somehow manages to finish hour-long tasks in 30 minutes. The one people describe as a robot or machine, because surely no simple human could work as quickly as they do.
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– Accountability – Seems everyone’s confused, so no one does anything (and our country burns)

Having worked with plenty of entrepreneurial businesses owners, executives and teams, there’s one topic that is always difficult to discuss, that being the A-word’ accountability’. Not from me, that’s what I do, I’m ‘The Accountability Guy’.
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Anxiety is common amongst entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is not smooth sailing. All founders agree on that. But how do you cope? The essential step in overcoming entrepreneurial stress is to accept that anxiety is normal.
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