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How accountable are you?

Does Accountability Help You Prioritize your Goals?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Accountability is the act of taking ownership of your action. It helps immensely in taking steps towards your goals and ensuring that you accomplish them. Moreover, it enables you to strive towards your goals without procrastination and ensures steady and consistent progress.

Yes, accountability helps you prioritize your goals. This is because when you are accountable, you share the goal with someone who holds you responsible.

Moreover, accountability enables you to break the goals into smaller and more achievable chunks and brings you closer to realizing your ambition.

This blog will help you understand how accountability plays an unequivocal role in helping you prioritize and achieve your goals. 

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Setting Goals

Goals are your workplace ambitions, desires, and resolutions. Most of the time, when you have a specific idea, you are 10% closer to achieving your goal. Then when you decide to act on the idea, you are 25% closer.

Once you set a deadline for your goals, you are 40% closer to accomplishing them and 50% closer when you have a plan. Furthermore, if you commit the goal to someone and have made an appointment with an accountability partner, you are 95% closer to accomplishing your goals.

Goal setting is a necessary process. You need to set SMART goals. This means when you have an idea; you need to set goals that fulfill the following conditions:

  • Specific – the goal should be specific. For instance, it cannot merely be about increasing sales. You should make it specific as the sales should increase by 15%.
  • Measurable- When you say your sales should increase by 15%, you are quantifying it. You will be able to analyze how close you are to reaching the goal.
  • Attainable- Set goals that are achievable and not too difficult to reach. The moment you set a difficult to accomplish a goal, you will feel dejected. So set attainable ones.
  • Relevant- Your goal should be relevant to your idea, and it should be tuned to the times and the organization.
  • Time-bound- Set deadlines for your goals to make it more likely that you will accomplish your goal.

After setting SMART goals, you should prioritize the tasks.

Prioritizing Tasks To Achieve Your Goals

Once you have your goals in mind, firstly, write them down so it is clear. Then break down the tasks. When you break down your tasks, you know what you have to do and when.

Moreover, you will be able to analyze what tasks are essential and urgent. Accordingly, you can do the following:

  • Do- the urgent and vital tasks
  • Delegate- the unimportant urgent tasks
  • Delay- the critical, not urgent tasks
  • Delete- the unimportant and not urgent tasks

Accountability’s Role In Goal Setting And Prioritizing

Accountability is essentially taking ownership of actions. It is also the willingness to accept the consequences and rewards alike for one’s activities. When you use accountability in goal setting, you become more committed to the goals and take them seriously.

Moreover, having accountability in goals propels you to share them with a reliable accountability partner. This helps in multiple ways:

Prevents Procrastination

When accountability exists in goal setting, procrastination is easily prevented. Accountability in creating goals ensures you have strict deadlines and someone to report to. Your accountability partner will help you adhere to your deadlines and help you avoid delaying your important and urgent tasks.

Increases Efficiency

When you have SMART goals combined with accountability, your efficiency is boosted. Moreover, having a partner or announcing the goals to someone makes it more accurate and pushes you to perform well.

Prioritizing Becomes Easier

Having accountability partners and coaches can be a boon to goal achieving process. They offer you clarity and a unique industrial perspective. Furthermore, they will enable you to create to-do lists and prioritize your tasks appropriately.

Ensures you follow through

When you are under watch and have constant feedback from your accountability coach or partner, you ensure you follow through on your goals. You’ll want to ensure you have something to report at your weekly, monthly, or annual meets. So, it pushes you to focus and get things done when you say you will do it.

Wrapping up

Goals are your dreams and ambitions that stem from an idea. To achieve it, you need to think of the idea, then commit to it, and decide that you will act on it. Only then are you 15% closer to achieving your goals.

Moreover, you need to ensure you set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals (SMART) that you can break into chunks and get started.

Furthermore, you must share your goals with a trustworthy and reliable accountability coach from places like TickThoseBoxes. Such coaches will help you set goals and ensure you don’t procrastinate.

Besides, they will hold you accountable for your actions and suggest training to ensure you achieve your goals. That’s why accountability increases efficiency and moves you almost 95% closer to achieving your goals successfully.