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Get your weekends back

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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Look at any sports team in the world, they all have one thing in common. They have a coach.

Many of the professional sporting organisations have multiple coaches who have individual specialisation and specific expertise.

Your local under 14 football team even has a coach, so to do the under 12 netballers. Because a good coach will get the BEST out of the individual, and when those skills and abilities are combined with other individuals, and all work collectively toward a common goal, then you become a TEAM.

Let me pose this interesting question to you.

You are in business, this is serious stuff, and you’ve possibly got a lot at stake. I’m thinking; credibility, your reputation, the brand and your wellbeing. Not forgetting the money, and probably lots of it have been invested in this business. How much money do believe you have invested to date?

If you won’t know off the top and most people won’t. It would really help if you actually took the time to calculate this, so you know exactly what’s at stake. It’s called responsible management a wonderful trait of strong leadership. A topic I’m very passionate about and I’ll highlight in my future blog posts.

For those with staff, they rely on you to keep the ship floating, no matter how rough the seas and so do their families, their children do as well. They say an inner circle of around 50 people are attached to each of your employees. That means if they are out of work 50 people will be affected.

To be clear on your scenario, how many employees did you say you have? Now do the math?

With the much-added pressure and total reliance on your team, who is the person coaching and supporting you? I reckon you’ve got more at stake than the under 14’s.

For those that have a coach, well done and congratulations for taking care of yourself and looking after the interests of your employees, and everyone that comes under your influence and responsibility.

For those that don’t…
It’s time to change up the game and ask yourself why haven’t engaged a coach for you and/or your team?

For the year ahead, do yourself a favour and hire a coach and advisor, someone who can support you by doing the following:

  • talk openly, honestly and confidentially about your genuine concerns
  • share ideas & strategies for growth
  • develop your people
  • celebrate the wins
  • keep you accountable and on-track
  • who will give you an outsider’s perspective because they not connected and not involved with the personalities or politics of your (every) workplace?

Imagine this…

Just think of the freedom, your relief of being able to share that massive load you are carrying that’s all on your shoulders, you feel alone.

With the right coach… you will be happier at home and not so short-tempered, your family will love the new you, the old you is back. You’ll have the time and headspace to truly enjoy your family and spend time doing all of those things you love and sharing it with those people who are important to you.

Ten really cool things might happen:

  1. You make strong decisions after solid discussion and counsel
  2. Activity levels and output increases, they say activity breeds activity
  3. New opportunities come across your desk
  4. Perhaps at 4 pm on Fridays, you’ll leave work
  5. You will be work-free on weekends
  6. You won’t take work home of an evening
  7. You will reconnect and ‘be present’ with those that are important
  8. You feel more positive
  9. You are a happier person. You feel like you have time because things are slowed down, and you feel in control.
  10. People start to see you in a different light. Who is this person they ask?

You are now stepping forward with your coach; support is right in your corner, you will work with someone who has walked in your footsteps before, who’s successfully built businesses and exited with pride, satisfaction and a genuine sense of achievement.

This is what you’ve wanted for a while, someone to share and throw ideas, someone who gets you. Someone, who can walk the talk with you alongside you for the long journey ahead. A trip in which you are no longer alone. Are you feeling the freedom?

I think that you can’t afford NOT to engage a business coach.
You’ll work out what’s the actual cost to you, your business and your wellbeing if you don’t hire a coach and that is the reality check you need.

I’ve spent many years engaging with world-class entrepreneurs at different stages of their journeys, and there’s one common theme that exists within all other them. That is the ability to Get Stuff Done.

Those who don’t master the art, usually die off, they run out of energy, resources, money and time. They lose their window of opportunity, and their patience goes with it. They can no longer continue to chase their goal, they can’t keep up.

Here are my Top 7 most common reasons why people do not Get Stuff Done.

How many apply to you?

  1. Overwhelm – You have too much to focus on so you give your attention to whatever yells the loudest.
  2. Overly ambitious – You try to get too much done in an unrealistic time frame. Cannot say NO.
  3. No plan – You want to get a specific task or project done, but you are not in the right mindset to make a plan that will work. Some folks never create plans for anything.
  4. Past problems – Whatever has stopped you from achieving things in the past is still present. Your monkey is still on your back, and you don’t have a plan to deal with it hoping it will go away.
  5. You don’t know where to start.
  6. No big reason – You don’t have a BIG enough reason to get the task or project finished.
  7. Not accountable – You don’t have anyone to hold YOU accountable.

‘Accountability’ is a powerful word.

For most of us, it sends a shiver up our spine because it means we have to step up and be responsible for something, to deliver on a promise or honour a commitment. However, it is gravely essential if you want to get the necessary things done, we need someone who can work with us, with their central role to hold us accountable.

To have someone hold us accountable, we need to respect them, they need to have a proven record of being able to get things done themselves (walk the talk), and they need to be strong enough to manage us.

Makes sense, so where do you begin?

Here’s my offer for you to join me for my ‘face to face’ Unboxing Session, for free with my compliments.


The Unboxing Sessions take 60 to 90mins, they are face-to-face in person with me (Darren Finkelstein) at your office or workplace, providing you are located within the Melbourne metropolitan area. Otherwise, we’ll use Zoom or Skype.

The purpose of the Unboxing Sessions is to assess if we can work together! Are we compatible? I’ll get to know you a little more as we will talk about YOU and your WHY?

We will identify what needs doing, understand your team and the timelines for your priorities. If you’re in Melbourne, I’ll get to view your office or workplace personally, I feel this inspection is essential for me to see and experience your environment. If your interstate, I’m happy to travel, but you’ll have to pick up the tab for my travel costs.

You’ll explain what’s not working for you and what has. This will give me a good snapshot of our road ahead and to better understand the world in which you play. Our Unboxing Session is also your opportunity to decide whether Darren Finkelstein and Tick Those Boxes Australia is the right fit for you based on my skills, experience and importantly, do we have a connection.

Makes sense? You’ve got nothing to lose and the biggest chance yet, at getting your weekends back!

C’mon book in, you know your family will want you too. Please ask them if you’re not sure?