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How Do You Show Accountability At Work?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Accountability is when you take responsibility for your and your team’s actions at the workplace. You are responsible for the results and answerable for the tasks your team has performed. Accountability is something that is assigned to a single entity who can be a manager, leader, or project manager.

Accountability helps reduce the blame game and is crucial to improve the work environment. So, you must wonder how to show accountability at work. Recognizing your mistakes or your team’s mistake and owning it is the main way to show accountability at work.

Read on to know more about how to show accountability at work.

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Ways to Show Accountability At Work

Showing accountability at work is a mark of a good leader or manager. When you show accountability at work, it makes things easier. It empowers your team, fosters trustworthiness, improves performance, and boosts learning.

So, here are the ways to show accountability at work:

Taking Pride in Your Work

When you are accountable and responsible for a task, you need to take pride in it. You, doing the work wholeheartedly, enthusiastically, and in a driven manner, is important. You must put your 100% effort into getting the best results possible. Holding yourself to the highest standards is one of the keys to showing accountability.

No Excuses

Ensure you don’t make excuses and know the difference between valid reasons and excuses. Showing accountability means being true to yourself, your work, and your actions. You must be truthful with your team and yourself. Only when you are true to yourself will you be able to be true to your team.

Showing accountability at work is logically explaining your results without making any flimsy excuses.

Admit Your Mistakes

This is the most obvious way of showing accountability in the workplace. Admitting you’ve made a mistake without blaming others shows tremendous accountability. When you are willing to show that you have made a mistake, you show courage, trustworthiness, and willingness to accept the consequences.

Showing accountability at work means a willingness to accept the consequences.  

Ensure Transparency

Transparency is also a key to showing accountability. You must be transparent and ask for help when you require it., Communicating that some tasks are difficult for you, show your willingness to learn and ensure the company’s success. Plus, when you are unable to meet a deadline, communicating will help create backup plans.

Plus, being transparent ensures your strengths and weaknesses are clearly communicated to your team. Being transparent will also help you feel like you aren’t hiding anything, and it helps you toe the line.

Set Clear Goals and Make Expectations Clear

If you are a leader or manager with a team, ensure you clearly communicate the goals and expectations. Your team must know what to do when and adhere to your instructions carefully to ensure success at the workplace.

Also, when your team knows what is expected, they will find it easier to hold themselves accountable for their individual tasks. When goals and expectations are clear, your team members will willingly accept responsibility and hold themselves responsible for their work.

Contribute Wholeheartedly

Showing accountability also comes from contributing to your work wholeheartedly. You must represent your company well and contribute to the company in a way that goes beyond your job description. This also shows a willingness to accept responsibility and accountability

You must try to be more involved in the workplace. Bring in more suggestions, give feedback, bring ideas to the table, and more to show your enthusiasm to the workplace. This will help you show accountability at the workplace and increase the chances of success for your company.

Be Upfront

Being upfront is also part of being transparent. You must be upfront and truthful at the workplace to ensure the smooth running of the organization. If you have a problem, you need to consult the right people to alleviate your problem and ensure you have solutions.

You show accountability by being upfront because it shows your willingness to accept responsibility for the results of your action. Tackling problems, issues, and more show that you can be calm, accountable, responsible, and a great leader.


Showing accountability at the workplace is important to foster a comfortable and successful work culture. As a leader, project manager, or person assigned accountability, you must show it when required.

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