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How Do I Keep My Friends Accountable?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Three Steps to Inspire Accountability

Accountability is an act of trust and determination. It combined the action of trusting in your abilities, strength and the act of leaving your weaknesses behind with determination. In this journey, you are the sole entity responsible for your actions. Accountability is all about taking charge of your thoughts and actions. Understanding that everything you do influences your life and the lives of those around you, whether at home or work. It doesn’t have to be a solitary journey.

Accountability is as much about sharing your journey, your struggles, and your achievements with those you love. It’s also about learning, growth, and improvement in all affairs.

If you have partnered with a friend or buddy to help you out with your journey, or alternatively, if you are playing the supportive role in someone’s accountability journey as an accountability partner these tips will surely help.

Here’s a list of things you can do to keep your friends and loved ones accountable and focused for success.

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1. Begin By Building An Understanding

How can you help someone if you do not know what they are aiming for? Building an understanding with your friends in regards to their ambitions and objectives is the first step. This step helps towards helping them remain true to their accountability efforts. Communication is key in every relationship, and the same goes for accountability partners. Learn to listen carefully to your friends and make a clear picture of what they are aiming for and where they want to be. Doing so can help them reach their milestones in a manner that is aligned with their interests and preferences.

2. Keep Track of Progress

If you have been assigned to keep a track of the progress your friends make. It’s essential that follow them along their accountability journey with a dedicated mindset. This doesn’t mean that you must get involved in every little thing. Giving your friends time and space is equally important. What you must do, is to keep an eye out for your friends and act in honesty if you feel that your friends are losing sight of their accountability goals. Also if their morale seems to be losing its strength. This is where you can jump in and help them get motivated. Reminding them of the final goal and the benefits of achieving their ambitions in the long run.

3. Actions and Reactions

The best way to motivate your friends to remain accountable for their actions is to practice what you preach. The best kind of leadership is to lead by example. When you start displaying accountability in everything you do. The people around you will also start reflecting the same attitude. That is why it is crucial to share a positive outlook towards accountability and to practice it whenever possible. This helps you incorporate accountability in your life and inspires and motivates others around you. They’ll be able to follow your example and see for themselves. They will see the benefits of undertaking their personal journey towards accountability.


Accountability is not only a journey. It is a philosophy that guides your thoughts and actions in everything you do. It is a mindset of mindfulness, living in the present, and complete conscious awareness. Accountability can transform your life by helping you take on one day at a time. Doing so with complete interest, focus and determination while continually working for your improvement and success. Building a culture of accountability amongst your friends and family. This begins when you show everyone that you’re committed to the cause and you’re ready to help others. People who are also ready to incorporate accountability and mindfulness into their lives. Furthermore, as a friend, it is your job to help your colleagues and buddies understand and enact accountability. So that it becomes a healthy part of your journey and experience.