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How To Be Truly Accountable?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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Did you know when you share your goals with an accountability coach or partner, you are 95% closer to achieving them? They also help you be truly accountable. You might wonder what true accountability is and how to make it a habit.

This blog will tell you the true meaning of accountability and how to indeed be so. So, read on and master the art of true accountability to ensure you achieve your goals successfully. You’ll also realize that sometimes true accountability occurs only when you have an accountability partner.

So, understand accountability and its importance with this blog.

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The True Meaning Of Accountability

The true meaning of accountability is to get things done. It also takes responsibility and ownership for your and your team’s action. Plus, true accountability helps you bring your vague dreams into actionable plans that can help you succeed in your organization and work.

Further, proper accountability occurs when you eliminate overwhelm, blame, excuses, and lost feelings. True accountability is when you can set goals, plan your actions, decide that you will do it and share your goals with a partner. When you start getting things done and take ownership of your actions.

Besides, achieving true accountability is quite simple when having an accountability partner or coach. They will help you dream bigger and motivate you to work harder to get things done. They will give you unstoppable confidence.

Essentially, true accountability is when you share your goals and act on them, you are 95% closer to succeeding. Plus, you’ll own your decisions and have clarity on them when you’re genuinely accountable. Moreover, you eliminate any fear and blame games when you are truly accountable.

How To Achieve True Accountability?

Now you know what true accountability is. You might want to know how to achieve it, isn’t it? You’ll learn some tips to achieve genuine accountability as you read on.

Set Goals

Achieving true accountability begins only when you set goals. You need to set clear, ambitious, yet doable goals to drive your organization to success.  One of the best ways to set goals is to set SMART goals. These are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals.

Along with SMART goals for the short-term, you can also set Big Hairy Audacious Goals that are long-term and ambitious.

Decide To Achieve them

Once you set your goals, you need to decide that you will act on them. Sometimes choosing to work on them pushes you closer to saying yes, these are the organizational goals, and they are necessary.

Deciding you will act on the goals ensures you are committed to achieving your goals. Plus, it solidifies your resolve to achieve them and ensures your success in the organization. It pushes you 25% closer to achieving your goals.

Plan Your Actions

Once you decide you will act on your goals, you need to plan your actions. This involves creating to-do lists with a plan of action and deadlines. It’s crucial to create deadlines for any of your tasks to ensure you have a moment to celebrate and determine when you have succeeded in achieving your goals.

Planning your actions essentially includes writing it down so that you have clarity and can eliminate overwhelm. Your goals and plan of action will appear clear when you write them down.


Once you know your plan of action, it’s essential to prioritize your tasks according to their importance and urgency. This involves going through your list and checking out what is a priority.

Based on the importance and urgency of the tasks. You can decide which tasks to do, delegate, delay and delete. You essentially do the urgent and vital tasks, delegate the unimportant urgent tasks, delay the important and unurgent tasks and delete unimportant and unurgent tasks.

Tell Your Accountability Coach Or Partner

To ensure true accountability and achieve your goals successfully, you need to tell;l your accountability coach and partner. It might also help you to share your goals with family and friends too.

They will support you in your dreams and ambition to ensure you can achieve them well. Plus, they will be there to celebrate your achievements and motivate you when you feel down.

Further, telling someone about your goals will make you more accountable and ensure you act on them. Besides, it will make you more committed to your goal as you need to update someone regarding it.


Essentially, accountability is taking ownership of your goals, deciding to do it and getting things done. In short, it is doing things you say you will do and getting your team to do it to. Plus, your accountability increases when you share your goals with someone, and they drive you to succeed in your dreams.

You achieve accountability when you set goals, decide to act, plan your actions, and find someone to hold you accountable. If you still have trouble understanding the true meaning of accountability and how to achieve it, you might want to consult an accountability coach like TickThoseBoxes. They will guide you in understanding and achieving accountability.