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How to Choose an Accountability Coach

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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In an ideal world, everybody would show up and succeed every daywhile caring for themselves. Well, that is the motivation with which every person starts their year or month. The timeline could be anything that you choose for yourself.

You set off the year with specific plans to achieve your dreams and goals. However, do you often feel burnt out easily or feel you haven’t accomplished much in a year?

You are not alone if you feel like you have lost the drive to accomplish your goals. At some stage, almost everybody finds themselves falling off the bandwagon of motivation.

People commonly attribute this sense of incomplete achievements to a lack of discipline and motivation. Although, the core of this issue is a lack of accountability.

To that end, people are now turning to accountability coaches to enhance their performance in every sphere of life.

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Who is an Accountability Coach?

An accountability coach is someone who is your guide. In simpler terms, it is someone who will push you relentlessly to achieve your goals.

Some people lack vision, and some don’t have a plan. However, the thing that is common to all these people is that nobody holds them accountable. When held accountable, people are made to introspect and improvise on plans, making them achievable.

So, if you fail to follow through with your plans diligently, you must consider getting an accountability coach.

They are someone who will help you plan well, prioritize goals and implement them as necessary. Their goal is to ensure that you make constructively use your time and thus have productive days.

That brings us to the next question.

How to Choose an Accountability Coach

Hiring an accountability coach can be heavy on your pockets. So, you must do your due diligence before hiring one.

To begin with, keep a list of criteria ready. These criteria should be everything besides the basics, such as a good conversationalist and a deep understanding of your goals.

Following is a list of principles you must consider as you wade through the list of accountability coaching. The list will surely help you find the perfect coach per your requirements.

Commitment to Your Success

Unless an accountability coach is invested in your goals and life, they will not be able to push you.

The coach must clearly understand your dreams and goals. Moreover, they must be driven to see you accomplish them and become a winner on the other side.

Since their purpose is to play a significant role in your success, they must hold you accountable. It must be done regularly to ensure you stay on the right path.

Accountability Must Be Consistent

Accountability is successful only if it is regular. The accountability coach that you hire must show up consistently throughout the year.They must encourage you consistently to work towards your goals.

Although, it is not just their responsibility to remain consistent. You, too, need to regularly check in with them so they can keep you accountable.Such regular meetings will keep you driven to focus on your goals and update your plans as necessary.

Besides, consistently being held accountable will keep you disciplined and committed to your efforts.As you are held accountable, you will be conscious of the time the coach puts in with you. This awareness will make you more focused and serious about your goals.

An Accountability Coach Must be Your Cheerleader

The perfect accountability coach will be nothing short of a personal cheerleader. Well, isn’t that what their service is all about!

As you go through life, you will encounter an unexpected turn of situations, detours, and disappointments. In such moments of crisis, everybody needs some positive affirmations. An accountability coach will encourage you through all the ups and downs and offer valuable support.

Challenge You and Keep You Committed to Goals

A good accountability coach never coddles. Instead, they will challenge you in the course of achieving your goals. Regardless of the situation, they will help you rise to the occasion.

Hire an accountability coach who does not deter from reminding you of your true ambitions. If an accountability coach fails to remind you of your goals and dreams, they are doing it wrong.

In the moments of weakness, when you feel your motivation drowning in despair, your coach needs to step up. Their job is to remind you why you started out, your commitment, and the promise of a better future.

Wrapping Up

So, do you believe that you need to be held accountable?

Find yourself an accountability coach who you admire. You respect the person you admire, so you will take it well when they hold you accountable.

Finally, hire an accountability coach who is verified and has genuine testimonials. Keeping all this in mind, set yourself on the journey of becoming the best version of yourself.