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Should You Join Accountability Groups?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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You require tight plans and strategies to meet your big goals. But, how many times have you failed to meet these exciting goals?

What is most common in such situations of failure is lack of accountability. A key difference between the go-getters and dreamers is accountability. You need to care for the future, and only then, will you hold yourself accountable for your daily actions.

Do you wish to advance in your career, business, and life in general? Joining an accountability group may be one of the best decisions you make. You will not only receive mentorship but will also be motivated to be the best version of yourself.

Before diving into why you should join accountability groups, here is a little more on what they are.

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What are Accountability Groups?

Everybody has a to-do list of goals. Despite all the efforts, that list continues to grow longer.Accountability groups help you escape this vicious cycle.

Accountability is critical to help you accomplish your goals. When you commit to someone that you will complete a task, there is a 65% probability that you will succeed. But, when you have a designated accountability partner who meets you regularly, the probability shoots up to a whopping 95%.

An accountability group is a small exclusive gathering of like-minded individuals from varying industries who will motivate each other. In this, every member shares their goals and regularly reports to the group regarding their progress.

The goal is for members to hold each other accountable for their goals and give them the nudge they need. It is a big step up from simply checking off things from a to-do list. Here. Everybody helps each other to stay on track and not lose focus.

The right accountability group can be the catalyst you need for growth. Read this article to understand why you should join an accountability group today.

Benefits of an Accountability Group

Accountability groups can prove to be extremely beneifical in helping you achieve your goals. Following are the advantages and benefits of joining an accountability group.

Exclusive Gathering

By joining an accountability group, you join an exclusive gathering of similar-minded individuals. It is a valuable support group whose role is to help you grow personally and professionally.

Additionally, you get to build new relationships with new people and partner with individuals in a similar predicament. By doing so, you get to learn a lot from their knowledge, experiences, and skills.

Foster Accountability

The core purpose of joining an accountability group is to become accountable for your personal goals. When you are not held accountable, chances are, you won’t really succeed.

You need a support group in the form of an accountability group where you report your progress. The group also extends help whenever you feel stuck.

Knowing that you have to update a group about your progress and face them at regular intervals, will act as motivation. You will find yourself getting things donebecause you will have the subtle pressure of reporting to your group. Ultimately, you will waste less time on procrastination.

Access to Trusted Advisors

Everybody needs a group of trusted friends to help them through tough moments in life. You can face problems everywhere, whether it is your business, career, or life.

As a member of an accountability group, you have access to people with similar experiences and can offer guidance. They help you build confidence in all that you do and help you succeed.


Accountability groups are a great place to network. Even your best of goals can fail if you are not surrounded by the right people. So, to be successful, you must surround yourself with the right people and create an environment conducive to success.

You can broaden your network in an accountability group with like-minded individuals whose goal is growth.

Inspiration and Motivation

Accountability groups are known to improve productivity, especially before their meetings. The pressure of reporting your progress will be the motivation and the drive to get going.

Besides, hearing the progress of other members will be a source of inspiration for you to work hard.


Accountability groups are a gathering of like-minded and growth-driven individuals, each possessing a rich knowledge base. Knowing that you have collective knowledge within easy reach will convince you to join an accountability group.

Besides, as you progress through your goals, you will face newer challenges, and you need a reliable support system through it.

Wrapping Up

To make an accountability group successful, you need to have respect, honesty, and offer support and compassion to other members. If you are keen to join an accountability group, hop over to tickthoseboxes and find the best one for you.

Broaden your horizons by seeing how other individuals work towards achieving their goals. Inculcate their good habits into your routine and see the results as you progress. Besides, your fellow members will become your confidantes as you reach out to them for advice and support.