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The Road To Accountability And Its Advantages

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Accountability is a buzzword that has been around for time immemorial.

Today, with the pandemic and economy’s downward trend, the accountability buzzword gets rolled out more often. You might have heard it, especially during tough times when you hear of climate change, federal politics, and more.

Have you ever wondered what accountability actually means and what its advantages are? Well, you’ll know it as you read this blog. Plus, you’ll also know a gist of how to achieve accountability in your organization. So, read on.

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What's Accountability

Etymologically, accountability comes from the Latin word, ‘computare,’ which means to count. This literally translated to counting the property and money a person had been given. This made accountability focus on financial and budgetary aspects. However, nowadays, accountability has a new meaning.

Accountability is ensuring you do the things you say you will do and ensuring your team does it too. It is all about opportunities.

 Unfortunately, accountability is often associated with consequences and punishment. However, it is an important element of a business.

Advantages of Accountability

Now you know what accountability is. The advantages of accountability are multi-fold.

When you give your best at work each day by taking ownership of your actions and being accountable, you get the best results.

This is because accountability ensures the following:

  • It ensures that there is no blame game
  • There is ongoing mutual support amongst the accountability coach, team members, and you.
  • Accountability helps you achieve the impossible dreams
  • It builds self-discipline
  • When you’re accountable, you get more opportunities that help you prosper in your career
  • Accountability helps you increase your activity and creates the hustle
  • It helps you take responsibility for your actions.
  • Accountability can be your superpower if you use it right
  • It creates a healthy work culture where everyone honors their word
  • Accountability can create a work culture of learning and problem-solving
  • It can improve work quality and ensure a healthy environment
  • It fosters better communication
  • You get to create a trustworthy and productive work environment when you have accountability.

Majorly, accountability is advantageous to an organization because it creates a sense of ownership, responsibility, and action.

Further, it helps develop the solution finding nature of people instead of playing the blame game. Moreover, it makes you think about whether you’ve met your obligations, goals, commitments, and promises to yourself and others.

For instance, suppose you and your team are responsible for writing a rule book for your company. Ensure you hold yourselves accountable for it. This means you ensure you take complete ownership of the title, the contents, errors, positives, and more. You meet your goal of writing the rule book and making any amendments as required.

When you are accountable, you get more opportunities to prove your mettle. You’ll ensure you complete all tasks handed to you to the best of your ability actively and timely. You’ll be able to fulfill all your dreams, desires, and goals when you make accountability a priority.

The Road to Accountability

Now you know the advantages of accountability too. You might wonder what the road to accountability is, isn’t it?

Since we’ve established that accountability is ensuring you do what you say you’ll do and making your team do the same, let’s understand the road to achieving it.

You might want to know of a study The American Society of Training and development did in 2010. This study was dedicated to developing a talented organization. It has tips and processes for achieving accountability in the workplace. Plus, this study gives you the probability percentage of achieving a goal, task, commitment, or promise.

The road to accountability shows that there’s a probability of achieving your goal if you do the following. You get to know how probable you are of achieving your goal if you do the following:

  • If you have a true idea or goal- you have a 10% probability of achieving it
  • If you consciously decide to act on your goal- you have a 25% chance of achieving your goal
  • If you set a timeline for your goal- there’s a 40% chance of achieving your goal
  • If you create a plan to achieve your goal- there’s a 50% probability of achieving it
  • If you share and commit your goal to someone- there’s a 60% chance of achieving it
  • If you have an accountability appointment to someone- you have a 95% chance of achieving your goal

You’ll notice that accountability is the game-changer for achieving your goals. You’ll be able to dig your weaknesses and step out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals. So, create a goal, decide to act on it, develop plans, share it, be accountable, and you have a 95% chance of achieving your goal.


Tickthoseboxes will help you get on the path of achieving accountability and ensure your goals are met successfully. Plus, as you go through the steps of achieving your goals, you’ll have a rush of dopamine and happiness at the sense of accomplishment.  It will only make you act more and grab more opportunities.

So, get set on the road to accountability and reap its benefits!