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Tips to increase your workplace efficiency

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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For businesses to run smoothly, it is essential for employees to ensure tasks, projects and activities are completed within the specified time frame.

Why would a client come to you again if you do not deliver their projects on time? Employees need to find their jobs interesting for them to feel motivated and produce results, on time and with maximum accuracy.

Let us go through some simple tips which increase efficiency at the workplace:

  • Let employees speak to each other.
    What is the harm if they discuss their problems with their fellow workers? After all, we are mature enough to understand that there are certain things which are confidential and to respect that.
  • Responsibilities
    This should be assigned based on the team members interest levels, specialisation, past experience, expertise and passion. Problems arise whenever there is a job mismatch. For example, how can you expect an ‘accounting professional’ to say promote a brand when members of the sales or marketing team will naturally do a far more comprehensive job as their thing.

As a manager, you need to understand in which areas your team members would be able to contribute to their maximum based on the team members interest levels, specialisation, past experience, expertise and passion.

Do not make them feel overburdened and try to avoid allocating them a task in which does match.

Encourage your team to arrive at the workplace on time and also ensure they leave on time as well. Do not ask your employees to sit in the office till late. This practice is NOT recommended as it only decreases the individual’s efficiency, but also increases stress levels. Individuals need to take rest and spend quality time with their friends and family for them to return fresh and happy the next day.

Employees need to organise their work area regularly. Throw away all you feel would be of no use in future. Declutter regularly, it’s good for one’s wellbeing. Keep your desk clean. Stationery items need to be kept at their proper places. File all your essential documents neatly in a folder. Put labels on all your files. I know it seems like ‘Workplace101’ but this way you would not waste your time in unnecessary searching, looking for that item you know, but just cannot place.

Develop the habit of using a planner or a desktop calendar. Note all critical activities in the planner against their deadlines. Keep all essential contact numbers handy.

Learn priorities. Remember, that someone else’s priority is NOT necessarily your priority. Be flexible and assist other team members; not forgetting that we are all on the same team so you will need to work to your own schedule which will be based on the achievement of your own job responsibilities and key performance indicators. Do not concentrate on what is not required at the moment. Assignments which are urgent need to be finished first.

Prepare a “TO DO” list, email me (df@tickthoseboxes.com.au) if you want to use my very cool ones and I’ll send you a pad for FREE and my compliments. Write down what all you need to complete before you call it a day. Once a task is finished, immediately put a tick mark against it.

Breathe a sigh of relief… and celebrate your accomplishment. Even if it’s only a simple coffee break or walk around your workplace, stretch the legs, clear your head and prepare for the next item.

Manage your time well. Be logical to yourself. Work suffers when employees waste their time in loitering around, gossiping and spreading unnecessary rumours. This is a harmful and unhealthy practice, so keep a lid on it and stay positive as getting (and staying) in the zone will make you turbocharged in your ability to Get Stuff Done and Tick Those Boxes.

Employees should be in a position to take make decisions on their own. Try to avoid waiting for approval, but sometimes patience is required, as others make decisions at their pace.

Filter your emails. You do not need to answer each and every mail. Ignore emails, you feel is not important. Delete and detonate unwanted emails, keep your inbox sorted and try not to being each day being behind on your emails and always playing catch up.

This is precisely how I can help!

Let me know if you’d like to chat about how you get on, what works, and what doesn’t work for you? I’d love to include your feedback and story in future blogs.

Perhaps you are interested in my face-to-face business coaching programs and sessions, or get your own group of like-minded folks together for my Group Accountability programs where I facilitate, chair and work personally with your group to achieve your collective goals.

Please send me an email to comment – df@tickthoseboxes.com.au

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