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Top 7 Reasons Why People Can’t Get Stuff Done

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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What is the cost to you, your business and to your wellbeing for NOT Getting Stuff Done? Consider it, you’ll be surprised by the cost of not doing and amazed at why you didn’t just do it as the Nike brand encourages.

Think about the missed opportunities, the people you let down along the way and the example of leadership that you are demonstrating to your team, managers and your board. It’s hardly leading by example!

What is it doing to you personally, how does this feel deep-inside your gut and within your heart? A genuine discomfort, I’m feeling? You do know this can’t go on; you feel it each time you are under pressure at work which is now daily and quite an unpleasant existence I’m sure.

Here are my Top 7 most common reasons why people do not get stuff done. Be honest, how many do you think, apply to you?

1. Overwhelm

You have too much to focus on so you give your attention to whatever yells the loudest.

2. Overly ambitious

You try to get too much done in an unrealistic time frame. Cannot say NO.

3. No plan

You want to get a specific task or project done, but you are not in the right mindset to make a plan that will work. Some folks never create plans for anything. You do know the saying; ‘fail to plan means planning to fail’. Well, it’s absolutely correct.

4. Past problems

Whatever has stopped you from achieving things in the past is still present. Your monkey is still on your back, and you don’t have a plan to deal with it hoping it will go away.

5. Can’t start

You don’t know where to start the exercise, so you procrastinate and never actually begin.

6. No reason to finish

You don’t have a big enough reason to get the task or project, so there’s NO true motivation to get the job done. You will typically move on to the next project while leaving this one unfinished because that project/task/activity has a significant reason as to why you should focus on its completion and get it done.

7. No one cares

You don’t have anyone to hold YOU accountable, so the deadline passes without any fuss, it’s like no one cares. Yet if you’d shred the completion date with someone else, they would be checking in with your progress, assisting you to work through the awkward moments and help you get across that finish line to meet your date and time commitment.

Time is NOW to act and change the way YOU respond to stressful situations where you need to commit to the completion of important stuff for your business like: projects, tasks and activities. You need to build processes and actions for yourself, that you can quickly implement to regain control and get back behind the wheelhouse and steer your vessel through rough and perhaps unchartered waters.

You are NOT alone, in fact, you’re in abundant company. Many successful business people are hailing from different industries; job titles and walks of life, who share the same experiences as you.

It must be nice to know that others are experiencing the same as you and that there are simple strategies you can implement to change this all around and turn the tables. Policies designed to put you back in control, to make you the skipper of your wheelhouse.

In doing this, you’ll feel much better, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll thrive knowing you are back in the driver’s seat knowing you’re getting stuff done.

‘Accountability’ is a powerful word.

For most of us, it sends a shiver up our spine because it means we have to step up and be responsible for something, to deliver on a promise or honour a commitment. However, it is gravely essential if you want to get the necessary things done, we need someone who can work with us, with their central role to hold us accountable.

To have someone hold us accountable, we need to respect them, they need to have a proven record of being able to get things done themselves (walk the talk), and they need to be strong enough to manage us.

This is exactly how I can help!

Let me know if you’d like to chat about how you get on and what works and what doesn’t work for you? I’d love to include in my future blogs.

Perhaps you are interested in my face-to-face business coaching programs and sessions, or get your own group of like-minded folks together for my Group program where I facilitate, chair and work personally with your group to achieve your collective goals.

Ask how I can assist you to ‘Tick Those Boxes®’.

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