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What Can A Small Business Advisor Do?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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What Can A Small Business Advisor Do

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Small businesses that have recently spread their wings in the market are often in need of targeted guidance and support for their newly launched projects, operations, and activities. This support and guidance can come from internal teams that are specially hired for the role, but sometimes, an outsider’s perspective becomes necessary for continuous growth. If your internal teams find themselves lacking the relevant experience to guide the organization in a specific matter properly, you can hire the services of a small business advisor to help get you unstuck.

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Who Is A Small Business Advisor?

A small business advisor is a trained and experienced individual whose professional responsibility is to utilise their knowledge and experience to guide small and newly emerging businesses to succeed in their endeavors. Usually, business advisors are individuals who have successfully served in small business in the past. Ideally they will also have a proven track-record of ‘walking the talk’ themselves.

Why You Might Need an Advisor?

If you find that your internal teams have encountered a standstill, you might need to acquire a business advisor’s services. It often happens that the people working on a specific problem are also doing so with laser-focused attention. If so, the advice and suggestions of an independent and unbiased observer can mean the difference between failure and success. A business advisor can help you achieve that by evaluating the issues faced by your company and suggesting ways to solve them based on their industry experience.

What Can an Advisor Do?

A small business advisor evaluates business proposals together with client financial and business status to assess viability and bankability of proposals; advises clients as appropriate. Advises clients in micro and small business management practices, methods, and techniques.

When you hire a business advisor, you can expect the following services from their end:

1- Evaluation of Requirements: the advisor will begin by evaluating the issues you are facing and taking complete note of your relevant requirements.

2- Review of Assets: the advisor will then conduct a review of available assets and resources. Things that your organization can utilize to address the issues.

3- Creation of Strategy: the advisor will take the information gained previously and utilize their knowledge and experience to create a relevant strategy.

4- Implementation of Changes: the advisor will then help your teams implement the changes according to your plan. Next the advisor will guide your organization towards progress.

5- Review and Analysis: the advisor may then review the progress that has been achieved and suggest further changes or ideas for more significant improvements.

How to Choose an Advisor?

If you are thinking of hiring a business advisor for your organization, you must be aware of the qualities that you need to look for to be successful with the individual. These qualities are mentioned in greater detail here, but you can gain a quick recap of them below:

1- Communication Skills: the advisor must have excellent communication skills to understand your opinions and effectively communicate their ideas to your teams.

2- Relevant Experience: the advisor should have experience in the relevant industry in which you operate. Otherwise, their knowledge and skills will not align with your requirements, and the process will be fruitless.

3- Clear Plan: the advisor must provide a clear and concise plan of action. A plan that can be easily implemented to address the issues faced by your organization. Without this, you will not be able to solve the problems and will be left with more issues to fix.


When you’re in the thick of running your business, it can be difficult to step outside of the fray and consider your overall goals and the long-term ramifications of your strategies. A business adviser often performs all the same services as an accountant, but they tend to have a “bigger picture” view of your business and overlap into other areas of business advice. Think of them as your business “GP”.

A business adviser should meet with you on a regular basis to provide holistic advice that could includes:

CFO services, performance reporting, cloud accounting and technology, business strategy development, budgeting, cashflow forecasting, advisory board, business planning, and organisational design.

They help you understand they key financial drivers in your business and find opportunities for growth. They can also be the missing link between a business owner’s personal finances and the business itself. Furthermore, they can help you understand the impacts of the business on your personal wealth and lifestyle goals.

Do you need a business adviser? If your business could benefit from expert advice. With information about any aspect of your organisation, a business adviser could be a significant asset. Why not take advantage of years of experience in areas where your organisation is lacking? It could be the boost your company needs for greater success.