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What Can an Accountability Partner Do for Me?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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What Can an Accountability Partner Do for Me

What Can an Accountability Partner Do for Me?

So, you have finally decided to share your accountability journey with an accountability partner. That is a great decision. I am sure you have researched well before taking this big step. Now that you have nominated a person to act as your accountability partner, it is time to decide how your accountability partner will be involved in your journey and how they can help you with various activities.

Setting clear expectations and deciding on a well-determine form of partnership is essential. This helps both partners deliver their end of the bargain easily and conveniently without pressure. It is also beneficial to avoid any inconvenience and to make separation easily if one of the partners is not delivering on their end of the bargain. As we have previously described the way to choose a good accountability partner and what to look for in potential candidates, today we will lay out some of the ways that an accountability partner can be involved in your accountability journey and what they can do for you in terms of supporting activities and helping you achieve your goals.

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Choosing an Accountability Coach

Choosing an accountability coach for your business can take time and consideration. It is essential that you understand precisely what an accountability coach can and can not do for your business to be able to choose wisely. As we have previously described the qualities of a good accountability coach, here is a list of what an accountability coach can help your business achieve in terms of short-term and long-term goals.

A study* in the USA was undertaken and found out that the probability of completing a goal is:

After reading this, how likely are you to achieve your; goals, promises, obligations and commitments alone?

A great Accountability Coach will provide you with:


The first and foremost benefit of having an accountability coach is the ability to generate more clarity. When you work with an accountability coach to list and examine your business's strengths and weaknesses, you can pinpoint problem areas and the source of issues. This means that you get more clarity for what you need to do to achieve success and growth. This gives you a sense of purpose and direction as you get to know correctly what actions must be taken to fix critical issues in your business and work environment.


The benefit of having an accountability coach helping you is that you can create a focused and concentrated strategy for dealing with shortcomings and aspects that require immediate attention. You get the ability to focus your energy and thoughts on coming up with solutions that best meet your needs and requirements. An accountability coach can also help you get the skillset and training you need to inspire direct action by your staff and employees to address emerging issues and matters that require due attention.


The job of an accountability coach is not to run your business, but to get you the skills and tools you need to be able to manage your business and work effectively. With the experience you get by strategizing, planning, and prioritising, you can create better management methods and principles that can be successfully applied to any aspect of your work or business. This benefits your company in the short-term and has enormous benefits for future growth and expansion.


By streamlining your workflow, teaching yourself and your staff to take responsibility, and creating an environment where accountability is encouraged, accountability coaches can help you increase productivity and a positive attitude at your workplace. Be it a multi-national company or a small business, productivity and the proper use of time and resources is vital for success. An accountability coach inspires and motivates you and your staff by providing them with the training they need to manage stress, workloads, and issues effectively.


The most important benefit of having an accountability coach helping you is the trust you gain in your abilities. With the help of an accountability coach, you get a better command of your day to day affairs through self-analysis and self-intervention that reflects positively on your company as well as on your staff. In the end, you get a work environment that ensures respect, trust, and loyalty through continuous accountability and acceptance. Such a situation is inherently conducive to progress as everyone can bring their best to the team and feel that their actions have a positive effect on the company.

Finding a great accountability partner ensures you will both focus attention on working on these clearly identifiable elements; all mission critical to ensure you and your business work in sync and total harmony:

# 1 – Create Goals and Objectives

You can sit down with your accountability partner and have a long and careful discussion to lay out the specific goals and objectives you are trying to achieve. Sometimes, these goals may not be concrete and may instead be just an idea or a concept. It is your job to have a chat with your accountability partner and convert these abstract ideas and concepts into measurable goals that can be readily achieved for results that can actually be quantified.

This is important because working on vague ideas cannot provide measurable results, and you will not be sure how far you have come and what you have achieved with your effort. Setting clearly defined goals helps both accountability partners keep checks on progress and create better goals for more significant achievements.

#2 – Provide Advice, Motivation and Insight

Your accountability partner is a witness to your progress, effort, and journey. With the unique perspective they have on your actions as an independent observer, they can deliver targeted advice and observations to help you smooth out your accountability process. Both accountability partners are also a source of constant motivation and inspiration for each other. When working together as a team, both partners will be able to support each other’s actions and review the process of accountability for more optimized approaches to specific tasks.

An accountability partner can also help identify problem areas and aspects that require more effort and energy than other factors. In this way, an accountability partner serves as a supportive individual familiar with your objectives and can help you bring meaningful change much more conveniently.

#3 – Help You Improve Your Methods

Sometimes, even after trying a lot, we cannot create the desired change or reach an objective easily. At this point, it is common for people to lose energy and motivation and to back down in the face of such challenges. As your accountability partner, your friend can help you take a step back and evaluate a problematic situation from a new perspective. You get the insights you need to determine where energies are being wasted and what better methods can be utilized to achieve a specific aim. This helps both partners, in the long run, to create a better understanding of each other and themselves and help you develop better pathways and methods to deal with challenging situations as they arise along your accountability journey.


Working with an accountability partner is an excellent way to bring more motivation, support, and insight to your accountability journey. You and your accountability partner can help each other build an understanding of your thoughts and actions and create ideas to achieve more significant gains in the long run. We wish all our readers good luck and Godspeed for their accountability journey.