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What is Accountable Talk?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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What is Accountable Talk?

Fulfilling your goals, promises, and obligations might not be the easiest thing to do. This is especially the case if you are not held accountable for your actions to yourself or others.

Studies show that only knowing what you want to do will lead to a 10% chance of achieving those goals. However, having a crisp plan of action and being accountable to someone you’re committed to will increase your chances of completing the goal to 95%.

If you are a small business owner or leading a team, you will know how important it is to hold people accountable. As a leader, you need to conduct accountable talks to keep your workflow enhances and smooth.

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But First, What is Accountability?

Accountability can be thought of as an obligation due to promises made to an individual or an organization. Accountability starts when you commit to yourself, some individual, or an organization that you’ll undertake a task. You then take action to fulfil that task, and accountability ends when you deliver.

Responsibility is a huge part of accountability. With accountability comes responsibility for either material, physical, or moral objects or ideas. While many people confuse accountability with responsibility, both are similar but different things.

Responsibility means you are bound to take care of specific actions or things. However, accountability means you need to take responsibility for certain actions and things and be answerable to people.

Being accountable to people for specific responsibilities is the superpower you can harness on your road to success. You can make your business or entrepreneurship venture grow massively by being held accountable for your goals, actions, and responsibilities.

As a leader, you need to be held accountable and hold others accountable for their actions. This is where accountable talk comes into play.

Understanding Accountable Talk

Are you trying to foster an environment of positivity and support within your team? Have you been struggling with balancing the role of a productive leader and a caring leader?

It is at times possible that while understanding your team’s issues, you find it difficult to hold them accountable. This is where accountable talk comes into play.

Talking about your goals and achievements is very important. Unless you have such conversations, neither can you nor your team analyze overall productivity. Once productivity has been measured, future goals can be set accordingly. Once goals are set, you can hold yourself and others in your team accountable for their future actions.

Actions build opportunities, and opportunities make profits. Accountable talk corresponds to the conversation you must have with your teammates to analyze their actions. It is also the conversation wherein you distribute responsibility, making the teammates accountable for their tasks.

Accountable talk can also be understood as an open-ended conversation with the entire team. In such a conversation, all team members can participate in adding or questioning the actions and ideas presented by others.

When people in a business have such accountable and in-depth conversation, it is possible to go beyond surface-level and strategize to reap more productive results. An accountable talk leads to people taking responsibilities for themselves as they understand and connect with the goals at hand.

Accountable talk bridges the gap between the understanding leader and the productive leader. It gives the people accountable the space to work in their style as long as they deliver on time.

Timely delivery and goal achievement are what accountable talks result in. Because only when accountability comes into play can goal achievement probability be increase to 95%.

How Accountable Talk Can Benefit Your Business

Accountability itself is a powerful tool to be used on your road to success. You can use accountable talk to your advantage to reap the following fruits.

• Increased Motivation:

Accountable talk allows teams to feel one with their goals. When people consider your team’s goals and personal goals, they are more likely to fulfill them.

• Better Unity:

Team unity is extremely important for any business. Accountable talk allows all members to come together as one as they ideate and strategize to achieve certain goals. This is a great way to increase unity within the team.

• Productivity Boost:

Accountability is a powerful tool used when trying to increase productivity. When people are accountable to fulfil a certain task or goal, they are much more likely to complete it.


Accountability is a powerful tool that can be used to fulfil any business or personal goals. When utilized properly, it increases your chances of fulfilling your goals to 95%. This is a game-changer for most businesses.

As a leader, accountable talk allows your teammates to understand goals better. It encourages under-the-surface learning and motivates members to take responsibilities. You can use accountable talk now to either grow a small business or juggle more balls in the air if your business is already doing well.