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What Makes An Accountability Coach Good?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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How to determine what makes a good Accountability Coach.

Small businesses, independent companies, and corporations need to be able to address issues and problems that arise. Issues that appear through time due to the dynamic nature of the business landscape.
Often, businesses lack the proper skillset amongst their employees and leadership that can actively identify and resolve versatile business requirements as they emerge. In such a case, an accountability coach’s services can help your business immensely. Helping your leadership and staff cultivate the right attitude and mindset. Furthermore, helping with the knowledge base and strategic expertise required to meet challenges and opportunities.
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3 Ways to know what makes a good Accountability Coach.

Our previous articles have defined the responsibilities of an accountability coach. These articles list the services they can provide for your business or company at an individual and team level. Now I’ll share some of the characteristics of a successful accountability coach. Characteristics that can help you identify whether an accountability coach you are prospecting is the right person for the job.

1. Industry Knowledge

Good accountability coaches don’t necessarily need to possess the insider knowledge of your specific industry or niche to be successful. It’s natural for each sector to have a diverse range of aspects. Aspects that only those involved with the industry for long periods can know. In the case of an accountability coach, someone who has direct, first-hand knowledge of your specific industry is a bonus.
When it comes to accountability, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Although specific methods may be conserved and applicable across all industries. Most specific niches require a customized approach to accountability. An approach that can only be meted by an individual who is well versed with the intricacies and complexities of your particular industry niche. Your coach should understand the business, ideally having ‘walked the talk’ themselves, this is a real plus. If you get some solid business advice from a person who’s walked your entrepreneurial journey, then why not take it.
This sense of “I have a lot of time” and “I can do it whenever I want” never lets you lift your business off the ground. It keeps you interested enough, but you never get to define a course of action to achieve those dreams. There’s always a tomorrow, right?

2. Flexibility and Experience

The right accountability coach for your company will have the ability to adapt. They can apply their knowledge and experience to the unique requirements of your objectives and goals. Such an accountability coach can help you build a healthy, proactive attitude and strategy to address the common problems. Problems faced by your company, along with the unique needs of your endeavours.

An accountability coach who is unable to understand and adapt to your specific requirements will not be much use to your company. They will be unable to connect with you and your staff. Furthermore, an accountability coach who has experience in dealing with similar companies such as yours will be able to inherently understand your requirements. Someone like this can save your company a lot of time and effort. Helping you bring tried and tested techniques and strategies into practice for immediate and more significant results.

3. Communication and Clarity

A good accountability coach’s characteristics include the ability to listen (one of the most important skills we can possess). The ability to communicate effectively with you and your team. To understand your opinions and requirements to create a picture of direction towards which you want to take your company. Without proper, effective and clear communication, the knowledge that your accountability coach may possess can get lost to gaps, and the result is a fruitless endeavor that cannot achieve the objectives you have set for your company.

An accountability coach who can effectively communicate and deliver a clear and concise picture of the actions and strategies required to address your requirements is a valuable resource for your business. Such an accountability coach can help your employees and leadership express the points they think require attention and enables you to better understand some of the shortfalls that your business may be experiencing.


If you’ve decided to obtain the services of an accountability coach to help smooth out and optimize your business’s functioning. You may need to be critical of the potential individuals under consideration for this role. Choosing the person right for the job is essential to ensuring real progress and results. The wrong person can end up creating confusion that may harm your development and chances of success in the long run.