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Who are the best business coaches?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Who are the best business coaches

Who Are The Best Business Coaches?

Businesses worldwide are evolving and transforming to meet the challenges of the new industry landscape that has emerged as result of the spread of the COVID pandemic. By leveraging their resources, organizations are trying their best to reorganize and formulate new strategies to tackle the future.

At such a time, most institutions require outside help to guide them through the obstacle course of the everchanging business landscape. This help comes in the form of external business coaches and mentors who can help businesses build on their strengths and identify weaknesses that to be tackled.

If your business is on the lookout for the right person to help you grow and progress, here are a few characteristics that can help you define the best individual for the job.

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Recognizing the Right Person

Finding the right person can make a world of difference. If your requirements are understood and met by your business coach, and they possess some of the qualities mentioned below, the alchemy can turn into a powerful driving force to accelerate growth, transition, and progress.

Here are some of the qualities of the best business coaches out there to help you recognize the perfect candidate for the role.

1 - Honesty

We can not stress this point enough. The best business coaches are the ones who are the most honest, straightforward, and transparent with their clients. If you find a business coach who likes to beat around the bush and talk about anything but the actual goal, you can throw out that resume in an instant. The only way to build a successful partnership is to find an honest and no-frills business coach.

2 - Communication

The golden rule of any relationship is communication. The same applies to your business, and the advisors and coaches you are trying to find. If a potential candidate can effectively communicate with you, understand your requirement, and deliver a concise plan of action, they are the right person for the job.

3 - Experience

It’s good to have a business coach who is NOT familiar with your industry? Are you nuts I can hear some scream? This of this; someone who is an outsider to your niche or industry can still understand what you are going through, can identify what you need, and how you best to do it which will be based on your coaches past experience and track-record. What you DON’T want is a coach who has never run their own business. Someone who just has degree, without the personal experiences in dealing with real people, real products and all the emotions and egos that go with that to draw on is critical. Do yourself a favour, engage a coach who has successfully ‘walked the talk’.

4 - Strategy

The real reason you are engaging a business coach is to provide you with a clear and concise strategy that considers all variables and requirements and proceeds to offer a straightforward plan of action. The best business coaches always go through an in-depth analysis of your requirements before providing a strategy to address your issues. If any step in the process is being missed or overlooked, you need to find a new coach.

5 - Comfort

Here is a point that most people miss entirely. Is the business coach you have engaged comfortable working in the business environment your organisation provides? If you feel that your business coach is out of their comfort zone, you can be sure that they will be unable to work diligently and efficiently. Finding the best coach means having someone who can adapt their strategy to your specific interest, not the other way around.

6 - Transparency

Transparency is incredibly crucial in any business transaction or operation. The same goes for the services offered by your business coach. The best business coaches work alongside your internal teams and provide comprehensive data and details about everything they are doing. If you find a person who likes to hide their actions, they will never be able to help you shine.

Finding the Perfect Match

Keeping the points mentioned above in mind, you can find the right person for the job and work together towards building a better, bigger, and brighter future for your company in these challenging times. We wish you the very best for your journey and hope that you find success easily and quickly.