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Who Is Responsible For Workplace Health And Safety?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Health and Safety at the Workplace is a Two-Way Thing

Do you think that workplace health and safety is not an important aspect? In that case, you’re mistaken. A business’s interest should revolve around keeping its employees and customers safe. Work-related health issues and health hazards can damage the brand’s reputation.

Besides, the business will be in no good if its pillars are in ill health. The first thing to note is that health and safety at the workplace is a two-way thing. So, who is responsible for health and safety in the workplace? This piece will explain it all.

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Who Accounts For Healthy And Safety At Workplace?

There is no sole person who has the onus of fulfilling health and safety practices at the workplace. Also, it’s too big a task for one person to handle. Supervisors, managers, staff, contractors, and professionals at all levels should ensure it.

However, the healthy & safety responsibilities vary at different levels. For instance, the manager has a greater obligation to ensure workplace safety than any other person in the workplace.

The Employers Health And Safety Responsibilities

When it comes to workplace safety, business owners and employers are the first in line. Here are the responsibilities of an employer towards workplace safety:

Conduct Risk Assessments

Employers should adopt the necessary step to assess and inspect workplace risks relating to health and safety.

They should try to identify the potential health threats on the premises. It is also their responsibility to consider the people under the risks.

After identifying the risks, the next step is to implement effective safety policies. Also, they should develop method statements related to high-risk activities.

Create Health And Safety Policies

One of the companies first and foremost legal requirement is to lay down health and safety plans. Any business having more than five active employees must follow the safety and risk handling procedure.

Not to mention, but the company should also put considerable effort into communicating these policies to the workers.

Communicate Health And Safety Information

Once the employers write down the health and safety policies, they need to communicate them. Without the employees knowing these policies, the policy will be next to worthless.

It also comes under the responsibility of the employer to update the staff if any policy changes occur.

Provide Health And Safety Training to Employees

If the business owner wants to ensure workplace health and safety, the employees should be a part of their plan. Without a certain degree of knowledge of safety practices, employees might not practice health and safety measures.

For this reason, employers must offer safety training to the employees. It’s also worth mentioning that contractors require safety training as well. Also, the company needs to update its health policies from time to time.

Finally, the safety training should consider the potential hazards of the specific workplace.

Offering Safety Equipment To Employees

One of the effective ways to ensure workplace health and safety is by using safety equipment. With the employer offering them, the workers might find it motivating to use them. Business owners should offer personal protective equipment, first aid kits, etc.

Such equipment can significantly reduce workplace health and safety threats. Also, this safety equipment should not be chargeable to the employees.

The Employee’s Health And Safety Responsibilities

Without the involvement of the employees, workplace safety is challenging. Here are a couple of responsibilities that fall on the employee’s shoulder:

Follow Health And Safety Training

Like employers need to offer health and safety training, the employees have the responsibility of following them. The training will offer the employees knowledge revolving around health and safety topics.

It’ll discuss using a safety kit, hazardous substance control, using equipment safely, etc. After completing the training, the employees have to implement the knowledge and practice them.

For instance, employees who have first aid training can help fellow workers facing injuries at the workplace. Similarly, employees who receive training to use equipment should apply the knowledge while using the equipment.

Implement Safety Practices At Workplace

Employees have to undergo health and safety training to ensure a safe workplace environment. Not only that, but they also have to implement policies revolving around workplace health and safety.

Employees must go through the safety policies of the company and abide by them. These policies might consist of specific information about specific projects or companies.

Before employees start any task, they must practice the knowledge and company safety policies. Additionally, it is expected from the employee to encourage their fellow workers to do the same.


Now you know how different people at the workplace can contribute to health and safety. After all, ensuring health and safety is not only a responsibility but is a mandatory practice. All senior staff and employees should be accountable for ensuring health and safety at work.