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Why accountability is critical for 10X growth?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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So many companies and managers still need to understand accountability’s importance and its importance for ten times growth. They still need help with non-accountable actions and decisions, as they don’t know how it can impact their performance, company growth, team building, and relationships at work. The credit is often snatched from the person working very hard on the project, and when anyone faces failure, it transfers to another individual. So, in such an environment, any employee should work peacefully or even happily. So, in today’s blog, we will discuss why accountability is so critical for the organization’s growth.  

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Why is accountability so critical for growth?

1. Teaches ownership

Accountability helps inculcate responsible behaviour and accountable actions at work. Therefore, it allows individuals to learn about owning their failures and mistakes. When you stand up for your shortcomings and do not blame them on others, employees around you start to respect and trust you. Not only trust, but the individual begins to learn from his mistakes and ensures that those mistakes are not repeated.  

2. Build trust

An essential aspect when working with other employees. A good manager can only rely on the team when he knows and trusts his team members that they can work out the differences and then work together peacefully and happily. And this can only be achieved if the blame game is not active within the team.

3. Performance improvers

As the employees begin to trust each and take ownership of each decision, they can learn from their mistakes as well. This way, they will not repeat the same mistake and will ensure they perform better next month. They will put more effort into improving, and their performance will eventually improve. 

4. More brainstorming opportunities will give transparency among the manager and team members

As the employees and managers can connect and brainstorm about the challenges and goal setting; therefore the understanding between them gets better, and they can have open communication. They can proactively plan for future challenges and then easily overcome and meet the targets on time. The manager can build trust in his team members and dedicate more deliverables to them, knowing they will deliver on time. There is more transparency at work, and managers are now more approachable, not authoritative anymore.  

5. Provides more clarity of expectations

Both when the manager and the employees are accountable, then they both gain maximum transparency about the expectations; an employee gets clarity about the tasks he is supposed to handle and how he can deliver effectively; similarly, the manager can understand clearly what resources the employee would require to ensure that he gives the results on time and efficiently. 

6. Feedback is accepted more positively

As the manager and employee, both are now accountable and understand that feedback is only meant to help you realize your mistake. Then it will only help you improve. Therefore, the feedback both ways are accepted more positively, ensuring that they improve on their following tasks and their performance improves.  

7. Develops self-discipline in employees

An essential personal trait that is now grown in every individual, as the employees learn to sit together at the time of goal setting, brainstorm and prepare for the challenges proactively, prepare the road maps and highlight the small milestones to ensure that they meet the target, monitors his progress to see whether he can meet his milestones on time and finally, learns about ownership and understand how their decisions and actions can affect their performances. 

8. Employee engagement improves

As the employees can trust each other, the relationship build is more robust, and they can help each other grow together, improving team performance.  


Accountability is the primary source of good performance and organizational growth. When the employee learns to be proactive, takes ownership, and is self-disciplined, he creates a great example in his team. Due to this, other team members learn to respect the employee even more. Accountability enables transparency and open communication at work so managers can connect with their team members even more, and the employees understand the need for goals and good performance. The employees get better clarity at the workplace, and now they are more dedicated to their deliverables, ensuring they meet their targets on time. Not just one employee, but when everyone at work practices accountability, the impact is ten times more on the result and growth of the organization. Hence, accountability can impact growth directly; therefore, everyone must learn about accountability and practice it diligently. Accountability also enables to build of stronger and improved team relationships; therefore, the team members can work on projects together more efficiently.