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Why is Accountability a Skill?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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The debate that is accountability a skill or value is continued in past years. Also, accountability is considered as one of the imperative aspects in the corporate world. But what’s the problem is that it is not a value. The things that are believed by the people who think of justice and equality are known as values. Whereas, accountability is a skill that is something that at a company people offer to one another. 

This blog will help you well in clearing the fact that “Why is accountability a skill”.

We know that every skill can be learned, taught and also with efforts can be improved as well, the same is the case with accountability. Hence, accountability must be taught by the company to the employees instead of leaving it on them by considering it a value. Employees can learn accountability if the company supplies them with enough resources, assistance to learn and sharpen their skills. 

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Accountability - A Value Or A Skill?

Understanding the difference first is a lot imperative to hold a more clear demand on is accountability a skill or value. Defining and motivating our behavior, values are core beliefs. For instance, trust and respect is something that you can categorize as value. The talents and the abilities that get polished with experience, training, and practice are known as the skills. 

Defining who the person is, actually is not accountable. What motivates them to behave in such a way is what accountability refers to. Many people wish that there was more accountability in the workplace whereas some are themselves accountable at the work. 

Hence, it is clear from the fact stated above that accountability is a skill. Staying at the top in performance is just like training your muscles regularly. Also, accountability can fade with time if the regular practice is not done. It won’t exist at all if it is not taught at the first place. 

Who is Accountable for Accountability?

The first question that pops into our mind when we start learning accountability is who will stand accountable or be responsible for this accountability. Well, it’s easier to test for the hard skills related to the work when hiring for the software team.  It is very imperative to make sure that the person is strong in the skills such as communication, teamwork, accountability – the most important part before hiring. 

The best thing to note about accountability is that it is a self-driven skill. And the team members who have the urge to become more accountable can learn it well.

Learning and Polishing Accountability

For learning accountability, there is no need of extreme measures but what all is required is an appropriate mindset. One needs to be accountable if he desires to learn accountability.  They should be willing to accept the result and the outcomes of their work and trust themselves well. 

Final Words

Reaching to the conclusion part, it is clear from the above that accountability is a skill rather than being a value. Accountability can be learned and polished with time whereas skills are just a belief. And you can improve your skill by holding yourself accountable. 

Most importantly, start with a mentor that can help you to stay accountable. Mentor will help you stay accountable with the project deadlines and work goals. Also, you can hire an accountability coach for yourself. Tick Those Boxes provide you with the best accountability services whether it be of hiring an accounting partner or a mentor or something else. 

Accountability is a skill and the organizations that have understood the same have started hiring the workers that are committed to it. Polish your accountability skills and hire an accountability coach now.