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Why Is Accountability Important In A Business?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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Many people believe accountability to be something it is not. It is not about catching employees for their mistakes and ratting out coworkers. These are some of the many misconceptions that people across the globe hold about accountability.

Accountability in a business simply means staying true to the expectations of someone while defining the missions, goals, and values of the company. While I explain the meaning of accountability in a business, I’ve had many confusions to why accountability is necessary for a business. Here’s why.

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Increases the Company’s Culture

When the team at work follows accountability and stays faithful to all their promises, it creates a healthy work environment. Not blaming others for your mistakes and owning up to your part of any assignment is taking responsibility for your own actions.

With positive work culture and achieving goals while working as a team creates a healthy working space and builds trust among employees while multiplying productivity.

Improve Individual Performance

accountability promotes ownership, engagements and enhances productivity. When you are aware of your roles and responsibilities, you know well how to maintain the same. Practising accountability adds value to the performance of an employee as an individual.

Not only can they feel proud about their work, but the entire team at work also appreciates them for their resourceful outputs.

Build Confidence Among Stakeholders

When stakeholders are aware of accountability practised in a company, they can build a stronger trust in you. Accountability is reflected in the work ethic of an organisation. It is an essential part of the journey to achieving the goals and objectives of a company.

When an organisation practices accountability, they are more likely to be efficient with deliverables creating a positive relationship with employees, suppliers, vendors, and investors.

Better Compliance

Compliance is an essential value of every industry. Therefore, with the dynamic nature of laws, guidelines, standards, and regulations, only accountability can help organisations achieve better compliance.

As I tell you about compliance, it would be worth mentioning that compliance depends on accountability to bring the team together. Every individual should be accountable for their part in the company. Being accountable lets every individual of the organisation work with integrity. This saves you from the consequences of non-compliance while staying faithful to the guidelines.

Motivates Employees

Employees are entitled to specific roles and responsibilities. When they perform them, their work is judged based on their output. This can create a sense of fear in them. However, when you realise your job well and are accountable for your actions, you are ready to face the consequences of your actions.

As such, you are only more motivated to provide the best output of your work. You get more thrilled to perform your best.

Troubleshoots Problems

When you go through a crisis in your organisation, I’m sure it becomes challenging to find out the root of the cause as no one wants to be seen as wrong. The blame game starts, and the team starts figuring out the reason behind the crisis.

But when someone is accountable, a lot of time invested in finding out the culprit is saved, and you can move on. Accountable employees accept their part of the fault and contribute to rectifying the losses made.

Helps Build Connections

It becomes easier to build better relationships with your clients and colleagues when you are accountable and practice the same within your work hub. Therefore, accountability helps you achieve stronger and long-lasting bonds.

Not only is this factor true to commercial relationships, but also personal and other corporate relationships.

Reduce Self-Pity

Self-pity is perhaps one of the most degrading media of bringing a talented person down. Accountability helps you get rid of this limitation and explore opportunities outside your comfort zone. It enables you to remain calm and composed about your decisions and solve your doubts in an organised manner.

Final Word

You already seem to be pretty motivated and thrilled at gaining and experimenting with the benefits of accountability. However, these are only a few of the several reasons for practising accountability in a business.

Accountability is a vast subject that needs application in the professional, social, and personal spheres of your life. However, it creates your base of remaining true to your responsibilities as you soar heights in your journey towards achieving your goals.