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Why, Who, And When To Share Your Goals?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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Did you know that you are 65% closer to achieving your goals when you share your goals? Because this means you commit to someone that you will do it. It moves you ahead on the road to accountability. When you share at the right time, you break the walls and barriers that stop you from achieving your plans and goals.

You might still be perplexed as to why you should reveal your goals and plan of action to a third party. However, there are sound reasons for doing so. As you read this blog, you will realize those reasons. Plus, you’ll know who and when to share your goals. So, read on and keep up your momentum for achieving goals.

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Who To Share Your Goals With?

When you are on the path to achieving your goals. 65% of the goal is achieved when you share your goals with someone. However, with who do you share your goals? You need to share your goals with someone trustworthy, credible, and who can mentor you. Plus, you need to share the goal with someone whose opinion you respect and is in a higher status.

Sharing with the following people might help you achieve your goals successfully:

  • With an accountability coach, partner, or buddy
  • With a mentor
  • Family and friends
  • With your manager or colleagues

Let’s see how to choose who to share with:

With an accountability coach, partner, or buddy

Sharing your goals with an accountability partner, coach or buddy is probably the best person to share your goals with. Accountability coaches and partners will increase your ability to focus and your motivation.

If you’re an entrepreneur, executive, accountability coach, or partner, it is a vital element in helping you achieve your goal. They will act as a catalyst to achieve your goals. While self-motivation is the best way to achieve your goals, accountability partners and coaches will help you better.

With a mentor

A mentor is someone who has been there before and has achieved everything they have dreamed of achieving. They will guide you in your journey of entrepreneurial success. Such a person is no longer emotionally invested in your industry.

Family and friends

Sharing your goals with your family and friends may not always make you accountable. However, it will give you the necessary support and mental peace to achieve your goals. They can be your rock and help you achieve your goals. Plus, they can be your motivation to ensure you achieve your goals.

With your manager or colleagues

Sharing your goals with your managers and colleagues will help you stay accountable and ensure you remain true to your big picture. They will also give you the purpose to achieve your goals. It will help build your reputation if you share your goals with your managers and colleagues and achieve them.

Why Share Your Goals?

You might wonder why you should share your goals with your accountability partner, mentors, family friends and managers.

They help you commit to your goals. You’ll be able to agree on the ways of working, set mutual expectations and have a feedback system. Plus, your accountability partner and the person with whom you choose to share your goals will understand you better and push you to achieve your goals better.

Further, sharing your goals can be liberating as it reduces the burden on your head and gives you a clear picture. Plus, the people you share your goals with can aid you in the process of achieving your goals.

When you share your goals with people you respect and consider mentors, they will guide you in achieving your goals. Plus, you will have an aspiration to be achievers like them. Further, telling your intentions to your network will keep you accountable to them and more committed to your intentions.

When To Share Your Goals

Now you know who and why you should share your goals. You also need to know when to share your goals. A goal needs to be shared with your people timely so that you are committed to reaching it the deadline you set. Plus, there are other times as listed below that you must share your goals:

  • If you’re procrastinating too much, you might want to share your goal with someone. This will make you accountable to a person who will keep asking you about your process. It will make you get things done and achieve your goal
  • Suppose it’s a goal that our network needs to know about. You need to share the goal with them. These are goals that your network can offer guidance on, and it could be goals wherein you require teamwork.
  • If your goal is competitive and you are in it to win, you’ll need a support system. So, it’s ideal you share your goal a few months before the competition.


Sharing your goals is important to keep you accountable. When you share your goals, they become real. So, you share your goals with people who can keep you on track, mentor you, and form your network. These people can support you., counsel you and celebrate with you.

So, choose the right people to share your goals with when you procrastinate too much, your network needs to know, or it’s a competitive goal. It will help you gain the support you need at the right time.

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