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Why you need a business coach?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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Updated: 26/10/23

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How can a business coach help?

A business coach can help business owners, directors or managers to:

  1. make better business decisions,
  2. reach their goals faster,
  3. set better goals,
  4. improve relationships and finally,
  5. keep you accountable.

Real-world experience

It doesn’t matter how good a business person is because they will always be too close to their business. So in most cases just having someone look into the business from a different perspective can make all the difference.

Engaging a business coach ‘who has walked the walk’. A coach who has, themselves successfully run a company from creation to (successful) business sale, can help the business person see challenges in completely different ways. Unencumbered by a history of the past, and using their own acquired skill set, the coach can assist in taking the business to new places.

What's involved with business coaching?

Business coaching usually involves working with the business person on their problems, so every client will receive a different form of business coaching, customised to their needs.

Why is 'Accountability’ helpful?

For most of us, it sends a shiver up our spine because it means we have to step up and be responsible for something, to deliver on a promise or honour a commitment. However, it is gravely essential if you want to get the necessary things done, we need someone who can work with us, with their central role to hold us accountable.

To have someone hold us accountable, we need to respect them, they need to have a proven record of being able to get things done themselves (walk the talk), therefore they need to be strong enough to manage us. I highly recommend getting in contact with an accountability coach.

A good business coach may work with a business person in one of two ways:

1. To help them as an individual to perform better

  • how they respond to staff
  • their work-life balance 
  • their organisational
  • structure
  • delegation
  • staff training
  • motivating staff
  • better management skills
  • time management

2. To help their business perform better

  • looking at ideas for the structuring of the business 
  • employment of staff
  • time management with staff

Being a manager or business owner can be a lonely job at times. A business coach can be there as a sounding board and confidant to help the business person to voice their issues and then help the person to find solutions to their problems effectively and quickly.

Business coaching is generally considered to be a good method of intervention to improve a business or the way the business person works, as it can be:

  • time-efficient
  • effective
  • is individually tailored to the person’s requirements
  • is outcome-focused

In summary, business coaching…

  • is a one-to-one service for an individual business person, aimed at improving the success of that individual or their business,
  • focuses on the important factors and helps the individual to focus on their goals and to ACT on those goals,
  • helps individuals grow their business, give support and also improve their overall life hopefully and,
  • provides skills and knowledge. The business coach will also share with the business person different tools and skills to use in their business and personal life for the short- and long-term success.

Don’t be confused here. A business coach is not the same as a business consultant! Furthermore, a business coach is not there to help the business person set up a new rota or procedure for employing people, they are there to look at issues that could be affecting how well the business is running and find ways to help the business person to change that.

Business coaching can be confused with other interventions, such as counselling, life coaching, consultancy and training, so it is not the same. You will, however, benefit in so many ways by engaging a business coach with a proven track record (not just a theorist, but been there – done that in today’s competitive world). This way you’ll probably get a far better, quantifiable and more realistic result, enabling you to implement fresh strategies.

This is precisely how I can help!

Let me know if you’d like to chat about what works for you, and what doesn’t? I’d love to include your feedback and story in my future blogs.

Perhaps you’re interested in my face-to-face business coaching programs and sessions, or get your own group of like-minded folk together for my Group Accountability program where I facilitate, chair and work personally with your group to achieve your collective goals.

How I can assist you to ‘Tick Those Boxes’?

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