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Workplace Efficiency – Being Efficient at Work

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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Are you being efficient at work?

You do know that every organisation pays its employees for their hard work and efficiency, or shall I remind you because workplace efficiency could lead to great benefits such as promotion and a happy work environment.

You need to achieve the assigned tasks and targets within the desired time frame and all employees must hit deadlines and deliver results on time to keep your employer/s happy.

If an employer is unhappy with your work why would they promote you if you do not accomplish tasks and Tick Those Boxes within their desired time frame?

The bottom line is that all employees need to be efficient and proactive, for better productivity. You need to get your work done on time to expect timely appraisals and appreciation from not only managers but also external clients. If the job is not completed on time, this leads to no solution, no work completed and possible loss of clientele.

Being Efficient at work:

  • To be the most efficient at work, you need to adopt a systematic approach such as; not starting a new task unless and until you are through with your previous task.
  • Most people tend to be productive when they take their job seriously and do not treat it as a hassle or a pain in the A.

Your motive in life should be apparent. Why do you come to work?

Ask yourself.

  • Is it only for money?
  • Do you work to live or live to work, which is true for you?
  • Or is it to grow professionally and make a difference?

If you attend work just to receive your monthly pay packet, then think again!!!

Who asks you to sit in the office till late? Finish your work on time, go home and enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

Sitting late in your office does not prove that you are a diligent employee, but instead, it indicates that you have poor time management skills, you are disorganised and inefficient.

Your organisation is not paying you to hang around going through the motions and chatting with fellow employees, this is not workplace efficiency. Interaction among employees is essential but make sure you first finish your; tasks, activities and projects and they are completed on time.

Here are 10 ways to become more Efficient in the Workplace:

  • Organise your work area to suit your personality; give it flair, make it your own.
  • Ensure you enjoy sitting there surrounded by things that make you feel good.
  • Ensure you have ALL the tools you need to get the job done.
  • Get rid of stuff you no longer need, clutter is not good for your mind.
  • Keep important documents in a proper folder to avoid wasting time looking for them.
  • Stay organised and get rid of clutter. Sort papers into project or activity groups, this is a great way to compartmentalise your stuff and declutter your mind. I find A4 plastic pockets work well for me and my brain. Once the project is completed, file the paperwork and reuse the plastic pocket in the next project that requires your attention.
  • Do not waste time chatting with friends and family over the phone, on social media sites and forget playing games on devices as this will only reduce your available office time hours to do your job. After all, this is why your job pays you.
  • Prioritise your work and adopt a step by step approach. Important and urgent tasks should be finished first.
  • Adopt a focussed approach at work. Focusing on the most critical thing increases your efficiency. Being efficient does not mean that you accomplish more work in less time, ignoring the quality of work. Never compromise on quality. Concentrate on work quality not only delivering results on time. An employee is said to be effective only when they accomplish tasks on time, with minimum errors. You must produce quality work in the least possible time.
  • Do not work alone. It helps to work in teams where each team member contributes his/her level best to achieve targets within the stipulated time frame, and you all keep each other ACCOUNTABLE.

How can managers help?

Managers ought to delegate work as per specialisation, educational qualification, past experience and interest levels of employees. This way people tend to enjoy their work and help their organisation outshine their competitors.

  • Give yourself a deadline and strive hard to finish your job on or before time.
  • Give yourself a pat on your back whenever you meet deadlines and accomplish the task on time and Tick Those Boxes.

This is precisely how I can help!

Let me know if you’d like to chat about how you get on and what works and what doesn’t work for you? I’d love to include it in my future blogs.

Perhaps you are interested in my face-to-face business coaching programs and sessions or get your own group of like-minded folks together for my Group program where I facilitate, chair and work personally with your group to achieve your collective goals. Ask how I can assist you to ‘Tick Those Boxes’.

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