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2023 Guide to the Best Accountability Coaches in Australia

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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Best Accountability Coaches in Australia 2023
Updated: 30/08/23

Follow our guide to find the Best Accountability Coach in Australia in 2023

Accountability coaching has evolved as an effective tool for individuals and organisations aiming to improve performance, achieve goals, and effect long-term change. Accountability coaches are in high demand in Australia, with numerous professionals offering their skills across a wide range of businesses.

We’ll introduce you to the top accountability coaches in Australia in 2023 in this thorough guide, giving you the information, you need to make an informed selection when seeking guidance and support.

I used a thorough research approach to assure the validity and credibility of this guide, which included analysing web reviews, client testimonials, and each coach’s experience, qualifications, and specialty. 

This approach enables us to give a thoroughly chosen list of top accountability coaches who provide clients with the best quality services. 

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Here are the Top 8 Accountability Coaches in Australia for 2023.

1. Darren Finkelstein - Tick Those Boxes

Darren is also known as The Accountability Guy®, is a well-known accountability coach with clients located all over the world. With over two decades of coaching, consulting, and company management experience, Darren was also a successful entrepreneur is his own right, before successfully selling and exiting his lifestyle business.

Darren has assisted countless individuals and organisations in achieving their goals via enhanced accountability and dedication. Interestingly, for ten years Darren worked at Apple as Manager of Commercial Markets during the inspirational Steve Job era, so is he’s well credentialled bringing tons of hands-on experiences. Darren is the author of “The Accountability Advantage – Play your best game”.

2. Andrew Griffiths

Known as The Entrepreneurial Futurist – who specialises in helping entrepreneurs and business owners to future-proof themselves. Andrew has put together four accountability coaching packages which you can find on his website. 

3. Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is a professional accountability coach passionate about helping clients overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and create sustainable success. With a focus on personalized coaching and support, Michael’s clients benefit from his extensive experience and tailored approach.

4. Lisa Evans - Accountability Coaching

Lisa Evans is dedicated to empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential through structured accountability coaching. With a background in human resources and organizational development, Lisa is well-equipped to provide guidance and support in both personal and professional settings.

5. Julie Mason

Julie Mason is a marketing professional who offers accountability as a service. Take a look at her website to see if she is the right fit for you…

6. Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown, the creator of Accountability Coach Australia, is a dedicated professional with a passion for helping clients break through barriers and achieve their dreams. Jennifer’s approach to coaching combines personal development, goal-setting, and continuous support to create lasting change.

7. Martin Clark - Progress Partners

Martin Clark, the founder of Progress Partners, has been providing accountability coaching and mentoring services to businesses and individuals for over 15 years. His expertise in performance management and personal development makes him a sought-after coach for clients seeking to improve accountability and achieve success.

8. Bo Kitty. - Reality Check

Bo Kitty is the Founder of Reality Check, and a radically honest business development and empowerment coach. She offers 10-week accountability coaching to help you smash your goals!

What to look for when selecting an Accountability Coach?

We have presented you to the greatest Accountability Coaches in Australia in 2023, each with their own special speciality and approach to assisting customers in reaching their goals. Individuals and businesses alike can benefit from these specialists’ tailored coaching services, which provide the direction and support required to develop enhanced accountability, productivity, and success.

When selecting an accountability coach, take into account their experience, qualifications, and the specific services they offer. You may optimise the potential benefits of accountability coaching and generate permanent change in your personal and professional life by selecting a coach who matches your needs and aspirations.


I hope that this comprehensive guide has provided you with vital insight into the best accountability coaches in Australia, allowing you to make an informed selection when seeking expert help. Remember that investing in accountability coaching can be a game changer in terms of reaching your objectives and realising your full potential.

As the need for accountability coaching grows, it’s critical to stay up to date on the newest advancements and best practises in the area. Keep an eye on these best accountability coaches and their websites to stay up to date on their current offerings, and don’t be afraid to contact them if their services are a good fit for you.

Here’s to your success on your path to greater accountability and personal improvement! Wishing you the best in your journey towards greater accountability!


Shivani is an international blogger/writer, who researched and wrote this post using Bard, ChatGPT, Google, and other resources. Several clients were interviewed as part of writers research project.

Darren here,
– please excuse my self-indulgence and pride in wanting to share her findings now that I’ve finally topped the list. -Why not, I say, with a huge smile and a burst of pride, given the other coaches’ calibre. DF xox