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Can You Be An Accountable Partner?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Can You Be An Accountable Partner?

We as human beings need someone to be there for us. Yes, we might be independent in terms of career or life, but we are social beings. Sometimes we need someone to be there for us, no matter how much we might not be willing to admit that, but we need support.

Finding an accountability partner is a blessing, be it a friend, parent, sibling, spouse, or someone you admire. They keep us motivated in our journey and help us when we feel low. Several times, people made it to where they are because they had an accountable partner.

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What Are The Top Qualities Of An Accountable Partner?

Accountable partners are the ones you can go to when you are both at your highest and lowest. They are the ones you put your trust into when it comes to revealing your secrets or taking a piece of advice. The main qualities that they poses are:

  • Cares about your progress
  • Good listener
  • Trustworthy
  • Gives good advice
  • Non-judgemental
  • Gives positive reinforcement

How Will You Respond When You Are Asked To Be An Accountable Ppartner?

Being an accountability partner is a journey in itself. So, when you are asked to play such a significant role in someone’s life, it’s time to check within yourself. If you are an accountable partner, you will possess these three main qualities:

1. Ride Or Die

Are you are ride or die person! Listening to your partner’s goals and aims is a start and understanding their weaknesses without judging is a must. Do you push them to reach their goals and meet their deadlines?


If they share their dreams with you, you must also be open to them and meet your own goals. It is demotivating when the support system fails to work towards its goals; thus, you must also meet your deadlines.

2. Cheerleader

We all love to have a partner who cheers for us and is as excited as us for our achievements. You must understand that the person you are committing to needs this energy from you so they can stay focused, and being accountable means cheering them on.


Yes, they might be working on their own for their goals, but it is good to have someone genuinely happy for them when they are at the finish line. Thus, you must be ready to give out that energy to your partner.

3. Strict teacher

You don’t want a partner who is always soft on you when it’s time for you to toughen up. There is no prize when your partner sympathizes with every excuse you give and doesn’t push you harder.


You must give tough love to your partner whom you are accountable for. This way, you keep them on their toes, making it easier for them to meet their goals.

How To Be An Accountable Partner?

Now that you’ve agreed that you will be an accountable partner for someone. It is time to get to the points on how to be an accountable partner. To be an accountable partner, you must follow strict rules to keep your commitment strong.


Knowing what you need


Without knowing what you need, there is no outcome. Understand when you want to go, and then begin your process.


It should be your priority.


The accountable relationship must set priorities, whether with an individual or a group. When you promise them that you will show up on time and miss that time frequently, it makes your team or partner feel disrespected.


They should be your priority as promised because when you are an accountable partner, it is no longer just about you but also the individual or group you gave your word.


Put goal-setting activities first.


Being an accountable partner means you help them reach their goals as well. Setting your goals and their goals on a priority list is a must to maintain the relationship. It could be with someone, a business partner, or a workgroup.


Choose your partner wisely.


Taking accountability is a huge deal, and it must be from both ends. Not knowing how to choose the right partner can drain your energy. To be an accountable partner, you need to find someone who is equally invested as you are.


They must also be genuinely interested in taking this partnership seriously and helping you meet your goals.

Final Words

Accountability of a partner has more to do with empathy than having the same interests and goals as you. A person can share the same kind of likes and dislikes with you yet fail to understand you the way you want them to; hence, being empathetic is highly important.

It does get tricky when it comes to examining ourselves, therefore having an accountability coach is the safest way to proceed.

Finding the right accountability coach isn’t as tough as it may seem, tickthoseboxes provides you exactly what you need in order to learn what accountability means. With right guide you can always meet the qualities you require to be an accountable partner.