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How accountable are you?

How can accountability make a difference?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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How can accountability make a difference

How Can Accountability Make A Difference?

We all hear people telling us to bring more “accountability” into our lives, and for most people, the reaction is to think about life coaches and roundtable conferences. Accountability is much more than a concept or an idea; it is a way of bringing more meaning, positivity, and achievements to our life. In this blog, I shall go through some of the ways that accountability can make an exceptional difference in our lives. Read On!

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Explaining Accountability

Accountability is the act of holding oneself answerable for our thoughts, actions, and efforts. I like to summarise it as “doing the things you say you are going to do, and getting your team to do the same”. By practicing accountability, we assert that we are in charge of our lives, and we affirm that our actions affect ourselves and those around us.

By moving through life with this realization, accountability teaches us to bring more positivity and stronger communication; the implementation of a strong plan, the execution of setting priorities for all of our activities. We direct our energies toward achieving a goal-oriented and objective way of life.

Incorporating Accountability

Incorporating accountability in our daily lives does not take some monumental effort. A study* in the USA was undertaken and found out that the probability of completing a goal is:

  • 10% – If you have an actual idea or goal.
  • 25% – If you consciously decide you will do it.
  • 40% – If you decide when you will do it.
  • 50% – If you plan how you will do it.
  • 65% – If you commit to someone you will do it.
  • 95% – If you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to.

After reading this, how likely are you to achieve your; goals, promises, obligations and commitments alone?

Benefitting from Accountability

By partaking in such small acts of accountability every day, we build a framework of thoughts and actions based on positivity, regard for others, and respect for ourselves and we start to achieve the goals we’ve set. When working with high-performing entrepreneurial business owners, executives and teams, I ensure full accountability, so they meet obligations, goals, promises and commitments they have made to others and to themselves. This is critical when building successful businesses. Being passionate, energetic and focused.

By practicing accountability, we take hold of our destiny and actively work towards building a path of success, achievement, and progress for ourselves.

By setting small, easily achievable goals for ourselves, and making an effort to bring betterment to the lives of those around us through our direct actions, we slowly create an environment that is nurturing and supportive for ourselves and those around us.

Accountability as a Way of Life

Beginning your journey towards accountability can be a bumpy ride at first. It may take much more effort in the beginning to change your way of thinking and actions. But with time and effort, and a positive and dedicated attitude, you will start to see significant changes in your life, as you move away from negative people and habits that were previously holding you back, and build for yourself an environment and way of life that breeds higher positivity and success as you go along.


Accountability Coaching is not a punishment for those who are lazy and lack business hunger, in-fact it’s absolutely the opposite.

It’s perfect for the high-performer who wants to Get Shi!t Done, packing more into their days without having to work harder or longer. Forget doing nothing, that’s called procrastination. Sticking your head in the sand and praying things will sort themselves out and improve, that’s called hope. Hope is not a business strategy they teach at Harvard Business School. Steve Jobs didn’t hope, he took action. For me, I’m about ‘implementation and execution’, as everything else hinges on your ability to do this. I see this is critical for your business success.

If you WANT to get more done and juggle more balls in the air at any one time, you need to take action.

During my sessions, together we focus on;

  • creating a plan of what needs to get done
  • together we will set priorities for what is important and why
  • you’ll implement and execute those things you’ve identified that needs completion, before the due dates
  • taking action, you’ll – Do, Delay, Delegate, Delete or discuss with Darren
  • we’ll set the accountability bar high for your teams to follow

With my accountability coaching packages you will share your massive workload with me. All of the stuff you carry on your shoulders each day, that load will be shared. I provide; support, advice, counsel and we’ll focus on outcomes. Think of the immediate relief and sense of freedom you’ll have. Now that’s good for your mental health and your wellbeing.

With renewed energy, you’ll complete those tasks and projects which are on your ever growing ‘To-Do List’ giving you a chance to work on the business and NOT in the business.