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What Is The Job Of An Accountability Partner?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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What Is The Job Of An Accountability Partner

So, what do Accountability Partners do?

What is the job of an Accountability Partner?

Many of us are determined to take more control of our lives. We want to proactively take steps to help us achieve self-improvement and success in all spheres. The best way to begin this journey is to learn and incorporate a mindset of accountability. We do this so we can to guide our thoughts and actions. This highly fruitful challenge can help us gain more control and understanding of our thoughts, emotions, reactions to things that happen in life, and our actions towards achieving our long-term and short-term goals.

Although this is no doubt a task we must tackle alone. It helps to have a kind-hearted friend accompany us on this journey as a source of unbiased evaluation. An evaluation of our progress and motivation to help us push our abilities and challenge ourselves for more significant results and achievements.

If you are trying to decide whether an accountability partner is the right choice for you or trying to define the extent of your accountability partner’s responsibilities.

Here is a list of what you can expect from an accountability partner to help inform your personal decision.

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So you want to become an Accountability Coach?

To take up the mantle of this enormous role, you need to understand the responsibilities that befall you when judging others on their decisions and advising them the correct workaround both consistently and immediately.

Everyone has big dreams and a number of milestones that they want to achieve to be successful and acquire financial freedom. But procrastination, distraction and other excuses get in the way of those dreams and objectives which can prevent you from doing those things you say you’re going to do and getting your team to do the same. Largely, because they will follow the example you set. That is why successful leaders from government and business surround themselves with strong teams because they set the bar high and lead by example and ensure their teams all do the same.

These challenges take your focus away from the place where you want to be and you end up wasting your time. Days, weeks, and even months go by and you fail to see any considerable progress. That’s why you need an accountability coach.

Why you need accountability coaching?

Because doing nothing costs you money and lost opportunity, and you’re pissing people off by your lack of action. Are you juggling too many balls in the air at once, trying desperately not to drop any of them? If so, that is a clue why you may need an accountability coach.

Let me share a game-changing study with you from the USA, it was undertaken to calculate the probability of completing a goal with and without direct support, assistance and guidance.

The stats are phenomenal:

After reading this, how likely are you to achieve your; goals, promises, obligations and commitments alone? This is exactly WHY you need an accountability coach.

Who is an Accountability Coach?

An accountability coach is a professional expert whose entire job is to keep you in check and provide the required motivation so you can achieve your goals within specified deadlines. Accountability coach provides your assistance in laying out a clear plan, breaking it down into smaller objectives and prioritise them with respect to urgency and importance.

Apart from that, the coach will keep regular tabs on you to ensure you’re meeting your own expectations and achieving those goals. The accountability coach also gives you the appreciation to keep you motivated and consoles you when things don’t go your way. They, your professional guardian who guides you through the path of success and sticks with you in both good and bad times.

To find this person, they need to have a proven track record of being able to get things done themselves, forget the university degrees, that doesn’t always mean they have ‘walked the talk’. Ideally, with runs on the board themselves, find one that’s successfully navigated the path your following. Its great if they have ‘been there and done that’, this will stop alot of uncertainty, being able to straighten your course if you wander away from the goal. Which is bound to happen.

Why is it Important to Have a Great One?

There are a number of reasons why you’d need an accountability coach to get the required help to achieve your objectives. It isn’t just about having someone around you can lean on for support but getting the professional help you need to define your goals and objectives and streamline your routine.

Accountability Coaching is not a punishment for those who are lazy and lack business hunger, in-fact it’s absolutely the opposite.

It’s perfect for the high-performer who wants to Get Shi!t Done, packing more into their days without having to work harder or longer. Forget doing nothing, that’s called procrastination. Sticking your head in the sand and praying things will sort themselves out and improve, that’s called hope. Hope is not a business strategy they teach at Harvard Business School. Steve Jobs didn’t hope, he took action. For me, I’m about ‘implementation and execution’, as everything else hinges on your ability to do this. I see this is critical for your business success.

If you WANT to get more done and juggle more balls in the air at any one time, you need to take action.

During your sessions, you and your accountability coach should focus on;

Offering a broad range of accountability coaching packages you will share your massive workload with your choice. All of the stuff you carry on your shoulders each day, that load will be shared. Your accountability coach should provide you with; support, advice, counsel and together you’ll focus on outcomes. Think of the immediate relief and sense of freedom you’ll have. Now that’s good for your mental health and your wellbeing.

With renewed energy, you’ll complete those tasks and projects which are on your ever-growing ‘To-Do List’. Giving you a chance to work on the business and NOT in the business.

Engaging an accountability coach to work with you will also:

Keeps You from Being Distracted

Many of us are not really good at avoiding distractions. Anyone starts a conversation and you get hooked for hours. Similarly, you think you’re going to take a 10-minute break which usually ends up being an hour-long recess. Procrastination just keeps eating up your time and at the end of the day you don’t find yourself where you wanted to be. An accountability coach can keep you honest so you become self-conscious about what you’re doing throughout the day. This way, you are more likely to not get swayed by distractions and focus on things that you need to do.

Makes You Answerable

Accountability is something that comes from within. It takes a lot of self-discipline and commitment to be accountable by yourself. If you don’t have anyone who’s demanding answers and questioning your routine, you’re probably never going to be productive.

Hiring an accountability coach means now you have a partner who will not only demand answers from you but would want you to justify how you spent your time. This induced fear of being answerable to someone will keep you honest and help you to be more productive. Besides, your accountability coach will call you out when you deserve it! They will also happily and without connection, have those difficult conversations with you when it’s needed. That’s why your accountability coach should not be your friend or a family member. By removing the emotional connections and relationships ensures better you will have better and stronger outcomes for you. After all, that is why you are engaging in a professional service that will cost you a professional services fee.

Ask your coach to outline their fee structure and program details. This way you know what you are getting before you formally engage them.

Provides Moral Support

Regardless of how tough and disciplined you’re, you always need some moral and emotional support, especially when you want to celebrate your wins and forget your failures. In those times, an accountability coach is there for you to give you the motivation you need to keep going. If you’re celebrating your success, he’ll share your happiness and appreciate your efforts. If you’re grieving over your failure, he’ll be there for you to lift your spirits.

Turns You into a Leader

When you work with an experienced accountability coach for a while, you will start noticing a personality change and a serious momentum build. With an accountability coach, it’s easier and less time consuming to drop your old habits. You will find yourself to be more committed, disciplined and have a vastly improved work ethic. This paradigm shift in your personality means you’ve gone through the period of professional and personal grooming and now you’re turning into a leader who is ready to lead his or her own team.


Accountability’ is a powerful word, yet most don’t know what it means. Having worked with plenty of entrepreneurial businesses owners, executives and teams there’s one topic that is always difficult to discuss, that being the A-word ‘accountability’. Not from me, accountability coaching is what I do…

I’m keen to talk about the devil in the room and to also call them out when they need it. However, many people don’t understand what accountability is, why it’s important, or where it starts.

Yes, they understand accountability is important, but don’t know how to create a culture of accountability so they just hope it will happen. HOPE is not a strategy that you’ll read in any of the Simon Sinek, Richard Branson, Andrew Griffiths or Daniel Priestley business books!

When we hear the A-word, some shudder at the thought because what we do know is that we must ‘step up’ and be responsible for something.

The bottom line is, delivering on a promise or honouring a commitment made to others or to ourselves and making sure it gets done. You see, there is a difference between Accountability and Responsibility, they’re cousins, but not the same.

Let me explain. You are responsible for things and you’re accountable to people.

It is essential that if we want to get stuff done, we will need a person with whom we can work, someone in a central role to hold you to account.

Accountability increases Activity,
Activity increases Opportunity