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How accountable are you?

Does accountability help you prioritize goals?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Does accountability help you prioritize goals?

Accountability helps in bringing in better and improved results and performances. Accountability enhances employee engagement and commitment toward work. It builds team members’ trust and makes employees think proactively to overcome any situation. Accountability helps create responsible behavior in individuals toward their performance, actions, and decisions. In case of failure, then they learn to stand up for their mistakes. It is one of the essential personality traits that an individual can quickly strengthen and build over a period. Now, the next question is whether accountability helps prioritize goals or not. Then the answer is yes, it does! In today’s blog, we will talk about how accountability can help prioritize your goals.

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So, how does accountability help you prioritize goals?

A goal-oriented approach

When an individual is accountable, he is equally dedicated to his goals and would want to prepare to ensure that he achieves his targets on time. The employee is excited to get involved with this manager to set his goals and how can highlight the challenges he might face and overcome them.

Proactive behavior

When the individual is involved in goal setting and is aware of his goals, he is equally prepared for the challenges he might face. Therefore, his thinking might shift to a proactive response rather than a reactive one. Which means he is well-ready for the difficulties in advance. The employee would not sit and wait for the problem to occur first and react accordingly. Instead, he would be prepared with solutions and other possible methods to achieve his goals.

Adapt to other's weaknesses and strengths

An accountable employee would respect the team members around him. He would ensure that he learns about his strengths and weaknesses and his teammates, which would help him to plan for the team’s better performance. He would learn from others and ensure that he learns from his mistakes. Finally, he would learn to trust his team members, which would help them to work together efficiently.

Goal – Setting

As the individual is accountable and the team leader is equally aware of his capabilities, they would participate together while setting the goals. Setting goals would help them discuss the individual’s challenges and the possible ways to overcome them and prepare for alternate routes to achieve the targets. Finally, they would set SMART goals.

Stand for his failures

Being responsible is the most appreciated part of being accountable. If the employee demonstrates responsible behavior towards his or his team’s failures, he will ensure that he will learn from the mistakes. He would ensure that he will avoid repeating those mistakes next time.

Measures progress

Since the employee is accountable, he would ensure that he would make an accurate road map to achieve his goals and then measure based on the road map he has created. In addition, he would demonstrate responsible behavior to ensure he can achieve his goals.

Self – discipline

An accountable person would also demonstrate another personal trait as self–discipline. As mentioned above, he would set SMART goals, then prepare the proper road map to ensure that it works on the timeline he has set for his purposes, then measure his progress and ensure that he performs as per the required standards. Finally, he will demonstrate disciplined behavior at work!

Being Transparent

An accountable person will be transparent and share his progress with his team. As a team manager, he would share the complete information with his team to ensure that his team members know the challenges and resources available at work. He would clarify to team members their roles in the group and how they can communicate well with each other. Finally, he would set examples for his team to ensure they follow in his footsteps. Finally, he would be open to feedback to ensure everyone improves.

Set long-term / Short-term goals

As an accountable person or a manager, he would set short- and long-term goals as he plans his road map to achieve all his targets. As he does this, he will ensure that he meets all his short-term goals as he moves toward long-term goals. He would finish one task at a time before he piles up all his functions at once. He would prepare and plan for all jobs one after another and time and measure them.


An accountable person is proactive, prepares SMART goals, and measures his progress as he keeps meeting his short-term goals. This planning would ensure that he is wholly focused on his goals. As a proactive thinker, he would ensure that he plans and prepares for the challenges in advance. He would be respectful towards his teammates and build a habit of learning from them. He would ensure that he makes healthy and trustworthy relations at work. These all habits of being transparent and self-disciplined would help him to prioritize his goals.