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Ensuring Accountability in Daily Life

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Ensuring Accountability in Daily Life

Ensuring Accountability in Daily Life

Accountability is a concept and practice that can be incorporated into every single activity we perform in everyday life. Although most people may think that accountability is a complicated process that requires a lot of energy and hard work, it is in reality as simple as developing a positive attitude and keeping an eye on your actions and consequences.

In this article, we shall go through a few ways in which you can ensure accountability in daily life and take control of your progress and success no matter what goals and objectives you set for yourself in your personal life.

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1 - Setting Goals

Accountability is not about changing the way we live; it is about changing the way we think. As all thoughts ultimately inspire action, keeping your thoughts in check and filing them with positivity can lead to positive steps that benefit every aspect of your life.

To begin practicing accountability in daily life, you must start by setting a goal for yourself.

The trick is to start small and set easily achievable milestones that you can get through with some effort.

The reason behind this is that setting high expectations right at the start will lead to disappointment because, as with every journey, your accountability journey will also face hiccups and hurdles.

2 - Tracking Progress

Once you have created a list of objectives that you wish to achieve from the actions you perform in your daily life, the next step is to keep track of your progress by noting how far you’ve come every day. This is not about measuring your success against some comparative standard; rather, it is a way to create positive reinforcement around the efforts you are outing into your journey.

By keeping track of our progress, we remain aware of our goals and work harder to succeed.

It is also an excellent way to understand how much we can create positivity and betterment in our lives by taking control of your thoughts, actions, and responsibilities.

3 - Rewarding Achievement

All work and no play are no way to practice accountability. There will be times amidst your accountability journey where you may find motivation lacking and that you do not have the energy to continue.

It is great to remind yourself of how far you have come and all the magnificent m=objectives you have achieved by celebrating your success in a small way.

You could share the good news with a close friend or family member. The positive support you receive will be no less than a reward and celebration for all the effort you have put into making your life better through accountability.

4 - Keeping a Schedule

The trick to successfully practicing accountability is endurance and continuity. Accountability is not a one-off action. It is a continuous method of improvement that we must practice every day. To ensure that you find time to reflect on your objectives and track your progress, it is best to divide the day into a set schedule while allowing for flexibility.

In this way, you will be able to manage work and personal life even better while being able to hold yourself accountable in a positive way for completing the actions and tasks entrusted to you and what you want to do for yourself.


Through accountability, we can take charge of our lives and create more positivity that can help us get rid of bad habits and activities that may impede our progress and success.

Remember, everyone is different, and some people may find it easier to practice accountability with the help of an accountability partner or coach.

To learn more about finding an accountability partner if they are the right choice for you, scroll through our blog roll to find some excellent articles on the subject.

We wish you all success in your accountability journey and happiness in life.