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Excuses are the reasons we use NOT to be personally accountable

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

Excuses are the reasons we use NOT to be personally accountable

Are you having trouble Getting Stuff Done?

People are prolific procrastinators and have struggled with habitual hesitation going back to the early ages.

It’s easy to make plans and throw dates onto your calendar. It’s odds-on that you’ll miss those deadlines and still have plenty of tasks left unfinished on your To-Do List. Guess what? They are going to be there for a while and I reckon deep inside, that you know it too.

Everyone strives to do better every day, you wake up feeling confident and head to work feeling refreshed and positive, ready to Tick Those Boxes. But the harsh reality is that something unexpected will always pop-up, and that goes straight to the top of the list, therefore pushing your bottom item off the To-Do List entirely.

It’s not until you are truly 100% committed to becoming ‘fully-accountable’ that you’ll make any decent headway into your To-Do List.

‘Accountability’ is a powerful word and most don’t know what it means nor can they spell it correctly.

For most of us, that ‘A’ word sends a shiver up our spines.

What we do know is that we must ‘step up’ and be responsible for something.

Accountability means; delivering on a promise or honouring a commitment made to others and to ourselves.

You see, there is a difference between Accountability and Responsibility; they are cousins, but not the same.
Let me explain…

You are responsible for things, and you are accountable to people.

So it is essential that if we want to genuinely Get Stuff Done, you cannot do it alone so you will need a person with whom you can work, someone in a central role to hold you to account – thereby making your fully accountable. This is how you experience genuine Accountability.

That’s precisely how I can help.

Accountability increases Activity.
Activity increases Opportunity.
Opportunity is where your business makes money $$.

The excuses of why we can’t get stuff done are all pretty similar the world over, so I’ve created ‘My Top 7 reasons why people don’t Get Stuff Done’.

Click here to download my FREE My Top 7 reasons why people don’t Get Stuff Done.

If you like what your reading and this resonates with you, as your ‘Accountability Coach’ I’ll keep you on track, so you keep those promises and commitments made to others and yourself.

If we do this right, you’ll increase your sales, service your clients better, make more money and work fewer hours. Now you can spend it with those that are most important and not doing work.

Visit my website to find how we can work together: https://tickthoseboxes.com.au

If you need help with your business, I work with entrepreneurial business owners, executives and their teams to ensure full accountability so they can meet obligations, promises and commitments made to others and themselves. My name is Darren Finkelstein: Accountability Coach, Business Advisor and Presenter.

For more info reach out to us at questions@tickthoseboxes.com.au