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How accountable are you?

How Can I Be Accountable

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Success comes with accountability, what can you do to become accountable

Accountability leads to success and creates self-discipline. It’s not just an idea that you can force on others. It’s a practical approach that needs to be applied across the board. Without self-accountability, you aren’t going to excel like you dreamt when starting your business.

Sky high ambitions are wonderful but they aren’t enough. You’ve to convert your desires into meaningful actions. And for that to happen, you need accountability. This is especially important for business owners as you are not answerable to anyone which can lead to lack of accountability.

How do you come out of this situation as a victor? That’s something I am going to talk about today. You will understand how you can hold yourself up through such challenges by the end of this blog.

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What are the steps you should take?

When you are running the company, achieving your goals and fulfilling your big dreams are your top priorities. Well, I hate to break it to you but achieving success without going through failures and challenges isn’t possible. You will learn this the hard way when you neither have the support of any superior nor have someone to look up to.

I have made a list of critical factors you should always keep in mind. These will help you holding yourself accountable and achieving your goals. You will be tempted thoroughly through your journey. However, your aim will be to ignore distractions and come out as a champion. It’s possible if you can comply with the following set of rules.

  • Plan your actions
  • Set milestones
  • Work towards those milestones
  • Celebrate the small achievements
  • Create more to-do lists
  • Improve your decision making using your past experiences

What if I fail?

Being a successful accountability coach for years, I have acquired numerous experiences. There are accolades to show off my success, and improvements to show off my failures.

Notice how I have never let failure stop me from being optimistic about the future? This is because I was motivated to Get Stuff Done. That’s what accountability brings with it, the hunger of attaining your goals.

People that don’t get stuff done are never successful in life. You know this because it’s present everywhere in your daily life. Many rich people became bankrupt because they couldn’t keep themselves in check. They forgot their initial motivations and got carried away by temptations. If you think remembering these rules will be a challenge, then let me teach you my rules. Learn from my experience and they will carry you to success.

Darren’s 3 Ps of achieving success

1. Plan

Planning is the most crucial part of attaining success. Without plans, you don’t get anywhere and keep spinning in circles.

The first rule of planning is to set small goals. The bigger your goals are, the harder you will have to work to reach them. And trust me, having hard goals only demotivates you. Even I get demotivated if there’s something nearly impossible standing in front of me. The best plan of action in this scenario is to set smaller goals. They keep you motivated and also help you build momentum.

The second rule of planning is to celebrate small victories and milestones. They keep you headstrong and give you the motivation to excel further.

2. Prioritise

I cannot stress this point enough. Prioritising the things that matter is vital when it comes to running a business. When you have goals in mind, it’s easier to arrange them according to urgency, and current requirement.

Give priority to things that matter the most, but that doesn’t mean ignoring other jobs. A steady balance between tasks is very important.

3. Partner

Partner up with someone! When you do something as a team, you achieve much more than you can imagine. One person can’t do everything. Therefore, forcing yourself to grind the wheel alone is worthless. Get a partner, share your burden.

This will make accountability an easier process. When there are two people involved in a task, they can hold each other up during a tough time. Motivation is also high when you share success with someone else. It injects you with the courage to go above and beyond.

Sometimes, sitting down and asking yourself about your problems is a good approach to accountability.

Ask yourself – have I been successful in these past few days? Have I met my goals? Have I successfully attained any milestone? Did I work upon Darren’s rules of accountability? Answer honestly. It’s for your own good.

Even a habit this simple can put you on the right track. With accountability, you can go beyond your potential. It can boost your productivity, management, motivation and ultimately get you to success!