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How Do You Become An Accountability Partner

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Accountability Partner

Choosing to be someone’s accountability partner is a big step and comes with a lot of responsibilities. So, here we have made a convenient checklist to make sure you can bring your best to the partnership. Together you can help each other achieve your mutual goals without friction.

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So, How Do You Become An Accountability Partner?

1. Define Your Role

First, you must be readily interested in achieving the same goals that your partner is working on. If the willpower is lacking in any way, the partnership will not last for long. Agree on clear goals and define your part in the relationship clearly. You can do this with set rules of engagement and what sort of intervention you are expected to perform and when.

Having a clearly defined framework for the partnership can extend the health of the cooperation. It lets you achieve more together by doing the part you have been assigned. Not only does this avoid falling into the blame-game. It also helps you stay focused on your eventual goal, rather than getting side-tracked by meaningless disputes.

2. Hold Up Your End of the Bargain

Choosing to become an accountability partner is conscious decision that you make with carefully considered forethought and logical discussion. If you feel that you cannot live up to the expectations placed on you, its better to excuse yourself from the partnership in the early stage.

After you have firmly committed yourself to the partnership and the journey, then there should also be no excuse for you to hold back, or to run away from your responsibilities. Keeping track of progress, arranging meetings, interventions and also working on correcting the course of the journey when needed now rests in your hands.

3. Focus On the Goal

Keep the end of your mission in sight and keep your focus targeted squarely on the objective. Divide your journey into easily achievable goals and devote your required time to the objective. Support the efforts of your partner and help them get back on track if they fall out. If you feel that your partner is not focusing well on the agreed objective, then you must help them view their goal with a more motivated approach and help them get their energy and inspiration back.

4. Listen To Understand

Sometimes, being an accountability partner requires nothing more than being a good listener. Helping someone work through their limitations in a safe and supportive environment is as important as anything else. Most people find it easy to fall back into old habits because it’s comfortable and familiar. Helping yourself and your partner become comfortable with changes and a new situation can be as rewarding to the overall objective as concrete actions. Listening and talking is a great way to smooth out inconsistencies and hurdles between your mutual goals.

5. Communication is Important

The most critical responsibility of an accountability partner is honesty. You must be ready to lay the bare truth to your partner in as much of a calm and reassuring way as possible. This can help you avoid falling into a rut of excuses and avoiding each of your responsibilities. This also helps you stay credible. But always remember, it is easy to point out problems, your job includes laying out options and ways to fix those problems as well. With each other’s support, you can be ready to move forward and push your limits together for greater success too.

6. Push Your Limits

With the help of your partner and the final objective in mind, as an accountability partner. It ‘s your choice to begin to push the limits of yourself and your partner in a comfortable and focused manner. Make accountability easier and keep working towards a bigger and better goal to continue improving yourself and your partner long after the initial goals are met.


So, if you have chosen to become an accountability partner, follow these easy guidelines to make sure that you can do your best to help yourself and your partner achieve success.