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How Much Do Accountability Coaches Charge?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Do you lack the motivation to do the simplest of things? Do you feel like everything is too messed up to be fixed? Or do you feel like you need a little guidance to get back on track?

If your answer is yes to all the questions mentioned above, then you need an accountability coach.

Most people know that accountability coaches exist, but very few dare to take help from one. It is so because most people are not aware of the charges and if paying for it is worth it.

If you are one of those people, then you have come to the right place. You will get to know all the necessary details regarding accountability coach along with the average charges. So, let’s begin without further delay!

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Who Is an Accountability Coach?

As the name suggests, an accountability coach will help you become an accountable person. It is usually a trained expert who keeps you on track and gives the necessary motivation so that you can meet your deadlines.

Additionally, you will be answerable to the accountability coach if you don’t get things done as decided. So, he will be someone who has your back and ensures you don’t deflect from your path.

How Can Accountability Coaching Help You?

Becoming accountable might seem easy, but actually, it isn’t. You might lack discipline or motivation to become accountable, and that is where a coach can help. He will ensure that you are motivated and work in the right way without missing. So, a coach will help you by giving you the nudge you need and by keeping an eye on you.

On the other hand, most people don’t know how to start in the first place, and a coach can help in such a case.

In short, a coach will help you by providing you with guidance, motivation and suggestions from time to time.

What To Expect from An Accountability Coach?

Now that you know what an accountability coach is and how it can help you, it is time to discuss their services. Please note that the services/help may vary from one coach to the other. Hence, make sure to enquire beforehand and make sure that all your requirements are met.

Here is the list of things that you can expect from an accountability coach-

Help in identifying problem areas

As mentioned earlier, most people don’t have an idea of their weaknesses and hence don’t know where to start. However, with the guidance and help of an accountability coach, identifying problem areas become easy.

They will help you understand your strengths and build upon them. They will also help you determine the issues that need immediate attention.

Help in defining long term goals

You might have a hard time identifying your long-term goals, but it will become easy with the help of an accountability coach.

After conducting a few meetings/sessions with you, they will work on identifying your main goals. It will help you gain a clear picture of your motives, and these motives will be the measure of your success.

Help in creating a plan of action

Once you know your goals, the accountability coach will help you in coming up with a strategic plan of action. The plan will be realistic and will cover all your objectives in the form of short-term goals. This way, you will be able to divide your goal into several short-term goals and thus enjoy your little wins.

Help in becoming self-disciplined

Self-discipline is the by-product of becoming accountable.

As the coach will keep a constant eye on your actions, you will develop a sense of responsibility soon. And soon, you will be able to do everything on your own because your self-discipline will drive you.

How much do Accountability Coaches Cost?

There is no particular answer to this question because the charges of accountability coaches vary considerably. It can be anything from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars per month.

The reasons behind high fees may be exclusive treatment, limited clients, or the coach’s busy schedule. Hence, it isn’t easy to give a single answer.

However, you can be sure that the cost will be worth it as it will make you a better person. Additionally, you will be getting something for a lifetime in exchange for some money. Hence, the investment will be worth it.

Summing It Up

Accountability cannot be learned in a single day and indeed not without proper guidance. However, with the help of reliable accountability coaches, you can expect it to become a little easier. These coaches act as catalysts and a support system during your improvement journey.

It is great to have someone who has your back constantly and tells you where you are wrong. So, start your journey the right way and collaborate with an accountability coach soon!