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Importance of Accountability in Sports

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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Accountability is essential in every sphere of life, whether it’s sports, business, or life itself.

But what is accountability? Essentially, it means taking ownership of one’s own actions. To put it in simpler words, it implies doing what you said you would do. It also means accepting mistakes.

Accountability is an essential trait that adults must possess if they wish to succeed in life. Not just that, it also helps to highlight your personality as a leader.

Similarly, accountability is a highly crucial trait for athletes to possess. Although it is a trait commonly possessed by coaches, passing it on to athletes is a challenge for them.

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Accountability in Sports

Accountability means responsibility, and that in turn means ownership. The sense of ownership among athletes in a team is a powerful weapon they can possess.

The feeling of ownership comes only when every team member is clear about the goals. There must be clarity on what is expected of each team member to contribute towards achieving these goals.

Sport is a collective effort of coaches and athletes coming together to put their best foot forward.All their hours of hard work, training, and dedication come to action on the ‘Game Day.’

The ‘Game Day’ is more than just a sporting event or competition. It is a culmination of the hard work of every individual in the team. There is sacrifice and hard work from both competing teams.

However, the attribute that pushes one team to victory is accountability. Most often, the coach enjoys recognition, and people forget that the team’s accountability has a significant role in the victory.

Teams that fail to display accountability are highly strung on the Game Day. Instead of responsibility, they show signs of frustration. One can easily discern an accountable team versus an unaccountable team as an onlooker.

The team that oozes accountability owns its performance. From their appearance to their communication, everything is flawless.

Importance of Accountability in Sports

Accountability is the pillar of a successful sports team that knows how to deliver on and off-season.Listed below are reasons for the importance of accountability on a sports field:

Time Management

Every athlete is responsible for their own success.

Practice makes a man perfect, and hard work is key to success. To be a successful athlete, you must put in time beyond the fixed practice hours. The time that is wasted by not practicing also wastes your in-season form.

As an athlete, you must dedicate time to the sport. Besides, actions speak louder than words. The dedicated time and effort in the sport are sure to yield better results on the Game Day.

Such efforts by every team member make the coach’s job so much easier.


It is a vital attribute that every sportsperson must possess. Till you do not spend considerable time on self-reflection, you will not be able to identify gaps in your performance.

Some quiet self-reflection can help you understand your behavior on Game Day and its outcomes.Once you identify room for improvement, you can start taking necessary corrective measures.

For instance, if you are a footballer, you may realize you cannot kick a long shot. You analyze the cause of this problem. It may be lower leg strength. Thus, it is clear what needs to be done.

You need to correct this issue by exercising to strengthen your legs, followed by practicing long kicks. But first, approach your current action plan and alter it to improve where required.

Sometimes, asking for feedback from teammates and the coach may help identify issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Goal Setting

Once you start holding yourself accountable on the field, you are bound to start setting standards for performance.

Moving on, you will hold yourself to ensure that you meet the set performance standard. Not just that, you will dedicate time and effort to improve your performance through regular practice. It may be as basic as spending half an hour extra daily to practice.

Eliminate Excuses

Sport is an area of patience, hard work, and dedication. Mistakes might happen despite all the hard work. The most common resort by athletes who’ve made mistakes is making excuses. While that may save you temporarily, it will affect your game in the long run.

It is in moments like this that accountability is of supreme importance. Since it means taking responsibility, you would accept your mistake, identify the cause, and work on improving it. This way, you will practice harder and grow as a player.

Wrapping Up

Accountability undoubtedly makes a player a genuinely great player. The game, too, evolves into a more sophisticated sport with dedicated players.

Although implementing accountability might be tedious, athletes will adopt it and improve their performance.

You must ensure that you introduce accountability in your players and game strategy today. Great results are sure to follow.