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Inertia ensues embarrassment, both linked to mental wellness

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®


I have had several conversations with customers who are suffering from severe embarrassment caused by their own lack of action and inertia. They talk feeling shame and guilt over not doing what they should do and/or promised to do, what they wish to do, as well as what they need to do.

Their embarrassment is a large tax using its accompanying negative energy, poor self-esteem and sensed conclusion of the business acumen. This causes people to cease doing these things that would make them feel great.

The lethargy of feeling unworthy directly induces shame and humiliation as people stop living according to their own values (e.g., to become dependable or effective) or their own graphics of how they see themselves (e.g., as individuals who Get Stuff Done).

It does not matter your age or job. People, students, homemakers, supervisors or senior managers, business owners can feel upside down by inertia. The inertia of the being motionless outweighs the energy necessary complete something and to get up. The motivation to defy inertia and move is minimal. Inertia’s fatigue is similar to gravity pulling you to slow down and by itself is the major roadblock stopping us to truly: Getting Stuff Done.

Let’s use real-world examples of inertia in business:

No business plans exist, never originally being composed nor implemented

Staff not being held accountable for their actions, they do their own thing Commitments and promises are not being kept To-Dos and Actions NOT getting done; let alone when promised.

Accountability NOT set, therefore there’s no one to keep you on your toes.

No accountability means, there’s no one to monitor, counsel, advise or debate your progress. Just like there isn’t anyone interested, so it seems like they do not care.

All this does build-up, it leaves many feeling ashamed and embarrassed about not fulfilling what’s possible, that is actual nor their duties. Shortly, they’re judged by themselves and by other people as being feeble, often hiding under the radar humiliated about what they are not currently doing.

For some, when conclusion arrives it strikes as; poor quarterly results, for many others (like an employee) they may not be hitting those KPI’s, therefore, missing your bonus or not making your sales goal.

It is not just the reduction of mojo that contrasts with your lower activity levels, it’s that plagues, sad and down individuals develop anxiety and depression as the feeling rejection and failure becomes their truth.

It’s a catch 22, because even if they contemplate trying to perform something: attempting to complete the task they set, they may return because of the fear they won’t perform the task well enough so guess what, that is exactly what they get – there is no magic there.

The very possibility of completing and being judged negatively is much worse compared to the shame of not doing the job in any way. Anticipating if they begin a job and they don’t complete it raises their levels of anxiety. Anxiety about collapse makes it much more difficult to begin. As one client of mine stated, “It is easier to just avoid the job, telling himself he will do it than facing the strain of knowing I will fail in it anyhow.”

Really low energy and poor self-esteem further complicate matters from the difficulty of finding enthusiasm, or even just the feeling of finishing a task.

“Ticking Those Boxes off your To-Do List should be very satisfying and enough inspiration to get stuck right into another,” said one of my customers, but that I simply don’t feel all that excited when I buy something done.”

In fact, a number of clients (past and present) who have received professional psychological assistance and have now created wonderfully simple approaches to manage and deal with Embarrassment, Stress and Depression on a daily basis.

As a result of uplifting and working closely together with these inspirational individuals, I’ve identified: ‘My Top 7 reasons why people don’t Get Stuff Done’.
A list that I’ve accumulated through my own entrepreneurial journey, from the 10-years, spend as the Manager Commercial Markets for Apple (during the inspirational Steve Jobs era) and in my own lifestyle business until my business partner and I sold, and successfully exited in June 2017.

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DELIVERING WHAT YOU PROMISE and getting your team to do the same

Do you meet the obligations, promises, goals and commitments made to yourself and to others?

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study in 2010 on accountability and found out that the probability of completing a goal is:

  • 10% – If you have an idea or a goal actually.
  • 25% – If you consciously decide you will do it.
  • 40% – If you decide when you will do it.
  • 50% – If you plan how you will do it.
  • 65% – If you commit to someone, you will do it.
  • 95% – If you have a specific accountability appointment with a person you’ve committed to.

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