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How accountable are you?

Is Accountability a Skill?

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

The Accountability Guy®

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Accountability skills

If you are committed enough, accountability can be learned

In the world of business, accountability is the most important soft skill. Businesses can’t survive without accountability. I don’t need to tell you this but if a team doesn’t deliver according to their promise and also their claims, then the business suffers as a whole.

So, how do you develop this skill? I will teach you today!

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How do we attain this skill?

Firstly, accountability has a statistically proven impact on businesses. While it ensures that necessary efforts are made to achieve the predefined goal. It also empowers employees to improve their workflow and reach targets faster than ever before. Accountability brings a sense of ownership necessary for delivering on promises.

Employers look for the skill of personal accountability when appointing new candidates. Every employee should be capable of doing their personal accountability to make sure they are achieving the right goals.

I will tell you the important points you need to keep in your mind to improve your personal accountability below:

  • Manage your thoughts

Accountability depends on your ability to judge and evaluate yourself. For that to happen, your thoughts should be aligned with your goals. You need to keep telling yourself that you must account for your actions and choices. They must be made for the betterment of your pace and should also be goal oriented too.

  • Develop accountable behaviour

Walking the talk isn’t easy for everybody. People say they’re going to do something and then immediately start walking in the opposite direction. You must develop an accountable behaviour which you can be proud of. All of your actions should be goal-oriented and you must always have a positive behaviour of falling back and correcting your mistake.

  • Take action

Finally, you must take initiative today. I have seen so many entrepreneurs who say that they will start being accountable in the next moment. Unfortunately, that moment never arrives.

Procrastination kills any potential entrepreneur. So, to attain success, you must start right now. This very moment is the best time there ever will be to initiate your personal accountability and develop the skill of successful people. Begin by measuring your present rate of accountability. Then build on from there.

Why develop this skill?

Accountability is a self-driven skill. It is the skill that makes you a champion at management. You will feel accomplished, positive vibes will flow through your body. Accountability boosts confidence in your abilities since you know what you are capable of doing. So, you will better trust your capabilities and previous boundaries will be minor obstacles for you. Your employer will be satisfied with your results.

Accountable people spread the essence of accountability between all of their peers. By this endeavour, the entire organisation starts acquiring this skill from you.

Furthermore, I am so confident in saying this because I also love teaching others how to be accountable. Trust me when I say that it’s one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, the feeling of knowing yourself and your capabilities. The power of judging your decisions makes you successful at every phase of life.


When you have the skill of accountability, employers trust your ability to bring valuable results. So you become a valuable asset to them because you have the ability to judge yourself and correcting your mistakes. Also, employers trust employees that keep their word.

Accountability makes sure you develop the integrity of keeping your words.

Through this skill, problems can be averted, and action can be taken to swiftly control a dire situation. It also helps in forming long-lasting relationships with your colleagues and employers, factors which in turn lead to a more positive lifestyle.

In the end, let me be clear that success is not measured by your actions, it’s measured by how you got through the problems and came out successful.

So get your team together, learn and equip this skill together and achieve the goals you set out to attain.