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How accountable are you?

Shifting to an Accountability mind-set

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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Talking about accountability, then it’s one important task that one must practise at work, not just as an individual but also as a team member. Now, trainers and coaches say and teach many things, but in practical life it becomes tricky to change the mindset. The coaches are here to help us understand the need for good practise at work, but often the question arises when we start thinking about the other person in front of us, and we end up saying, “Well, he is not practicing, then why should I? So how should I change myself at work, knowing what others might not accept or be prepared for change? Well, that’s the thing. The changes have to begin with you yourself first. Show the management that you are responsible. Let them build trust that you can handle and make good decisions. Since you will change, then you will become an example in front of your other colleagues, and then they will also begin to respect you. For your actions and responsible behaviour, you will be rewarded as well.

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Let us talk accountability

Accountability is being responsible for your behaviour, actions, and decisions. Be proactive in your decision-making, foreseeing what challenges it might bring. How to take responsibility for your actions and not to blame others for your own mistakes. You are goal-driven and dedicated towards the targets that you have been given by the organization. Knowing your boundaries in your job role It is basically making sure that you follow some basic guidelines to improve your responsible behaviour. This way, your seniors will trust you and your peers will respect you. The harmony in the group will improve tremendously, and people will begin to learn from each other and work together peacefully. No one will run to managers with petty issues or even complaints, but they will go to them with possible solutions to the challenges they might be facing.

How to shift your mind-set

Change is always good, and when it’s about accountability, then it means more productive work at any organization. More proactive behaviour and fewer struggles. Accountability means a ladder to success and positive changes in your team. Now how do we do that? Let’s discuss this.

1. Coaching and mentoring

Entails hiring external coaches or training your human resources to discuss accountability with new employees. Make it clear from day one what the organisation is expecting from you. When you hire external coaches, they will help them believe that accountability can bring positive changes in the team.

2. Setting an example

When we talk about bringing in any changes in your team, then it means that you yourself have set some examples in front of your team. Show them that you practise the golden rules of accountability. Let them learn from you as a manager.

3. Set the rules

Like every organisation has some basic ground rules, you set some ground rules in your office too. Let your team members know that they have to follow these rules and if they do, then they will be rewarded for their behaviour. Even when a new employee has been hired, during the induction period, make sure that you get it right from the beginning.

4. Feedback culture

Now once you have laid the basic ground rules, you need to work on effective feedback systems. Let them know that you will be evaluating them on the basis of the ground rules and that you will be giving them feedback based on their improvements. Once you give them feedback, you can share the areas where you feel that they need to improve on.

5. Rewards

This brings in positive changes every time. So, if you see that team members are making a good effort and you can see changes, then appreciate them and reward them for the change. When anyone feels appreciated at work, they become more dedicated to work and flexible to changes.

Final Thoughts

When we talk about different lifestyle or relationship coaches, We understand that it teaches us very important lessons that can change us as an individual. But when it comes to practising their taught values, then it becomes a little difficult. But trust me, it is not that difficult, once you decide to change your attitude. So, adopting the methods mentioned above can definitely help your team develop towards the ladder of success. They will begin to work together positively; the team will be focused on the goals they have achieved. Individuals will be proactive in their thinking. They would be ready to face more and more challenges. Accountability, when practiced, can be very fruitful because it increases team members’ dedication; peers will learn to respect each other; they will stop blaming each other and learn from their mistakes; they will learn to make better decisions; and, in the end, members will only run up to managers with solutions to problems, not just problems. As a result, they will respect you as a manager and also each other as members. They will begin to learn from each other and from their seniors as well. Hence, these four critical execution methods will help you and your team to set good standards of accountability.