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The benefits of accountability for small business

By Darren Finkelstein
By Darren Finkelstein

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When discussing accountability, we always wonder if it only applies to larger organizations. Well, in today’s blog, we will discuss that accountability also benefits small businesses. As explained earlier in the previous blogs, accountability is the personality trait that starts from you as the employee or the leadership team. Then it gets integrated into the organization’s culture. But if we talk about the smaller business, as the business owner, accountability starts from you. You have set exemplary accountability standards, been a role model in front of the employees, and set good examples. That’s how the employees will learn and follow in your footsteps. You are the coach and trainer for your employees, so if you preach accountability and follow what you have taught them, then the employees will pick the good practices and help you grow your business. So, let’s discuss the benefits of accountability for smaller firms.  

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Benefits of accountability

1. Accountability means more innovative ideas

When we talk about smaller businesses, we understand that you are looking at how to promote your products and services to reach the targeted customer in the most effective ways. If you and your team are accountable, your team has an open culture and is working proactively to look for possible solutions and outcomes to the potential challenges. As they are proactive, they are conducting more brainstorming sessions and can come up with more innovative ideas to reach customers or complete the projects on time and successfully. More creative ideas mean more success for the business and more profit. 

2. Accountability means more employee Engagement

Whether we talk about more influential organizations or smaller businesses, all industries focus on employee engagement, retention and satisfaction. Therefore, if the employees are accountable and responsible for their actions and decisions, there will be no blame game. Employees would trust and respect each other, and as they progress in their roles, they will be satisfied with their jobs and will have a better engagement at the workplace. Better employee engagements mean better chances of productive project completion.  

3. Accountability means goal-oriented behaviour

As the employees are accountable and respectful to each other, their only goal will be to focus on their targets or the project they have to complete successfully so, whether they are finalizing their goals with the manager or planning a road map, on how to achieve their targets on time. The employees will be more dedicated towards their goals and completion, and achieving goals means more productivity or revenue; more revenue would result in more profit.  

4. Accountability means more growth

As you and your employees have been providing exceptional results and performance standards at the workplace, therefore it means that your organization is growing. If your organization is rising financially, you are increasing as the employer too, and hence your employees will get the opportunity to grow with the organization. It will not let them feel stuck in one position or place but encourage and motivate them to keep doing exceptional work and grow more.  

5. Accountability will lead to improved branding opportunities for the business as the best employer

As the employees grow with the growing and successful business, they are equally satisfied with the organization and its responsible practices and culture. Therefore, an improved brand image of the organization will be formed in front of future employees, and many of them will be eager to join the leading organization and grow along with it. Everyone wants to be part of a growing and successful organization so that they also get the equal opportunity to grow in their jobs and duties.  

6. Accountability means more openness

As an employer or manager, you are not only stuck to your ideas of improvement and growth. You are also open to the ideas your team members present and understand their reasons while you are open to forum discussions. This openness would lead to improved feedback, growth opportunities, and results.  


Overall accountability means sustainability and growth; therefore, if you become the role model of accountability and set a culture of accountability at the workplace, it will result in growth and profits. Whether we talk about smaller businesses or more prominent industries, accountability is the best solution for the organization to improve their innovations, employee engagement and satisfaction, organization branding, growth and more goal-oriented behaviour. Accountability establishes ownership and self-discipline behaviour in individuals. Therefore, they become more and more dedicated, well-qualified and competent. If you aim for the organization’s growth, you must also strive for employee growth. A growing and satisfied employee would never feel stuck and would never leave the organization; he would then be more dedicated to providing even better results. So, if you establish accountable behaviour in your smaller business, then you ensure that employees trust and respect each other and will be happy to work with each other and learn from each other.